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Present ideas for newborns and their parents

Suddenly everybody is having babies and you’re not prepared for the need to come up with ideas on what to buy.

It is harder than it seems because you don’t want to buy something that will never be used, neither do you want to buy something that the parents will already have hundreds of.

So, what can you get that will go down well, be used, enjoyed and come in handy?  There is always a long list of ideas that you can pull off the internet, but you can get lost in a wormhole of websites trying to entice you to purchase their product and it’s hard to make heads or tails of what is good.

But there is no need to worry. We are here with a summarised yet comprehensive list of gifts for baby shower.

We promise that you won’t be able to go wrong with one of these.

Plants for the baby’s room

An unusual gift yet one that no one can say they don’t like or enjoy is a good indoor plant that can sit on a shelf or windowsill in the baby’s room.

This gives some greenery to the room that also offers your baby something to look at in its time in the room, having its diaper changed and going to sleep.

Plants are also great for converting carbon dioxide into oxygen helping clean the air.

Teething toys and comfort blankets

Buy a toy that is designed to help babies when they’re teething.  Basically, it’s an item that is textured that is safe to chew on.

A comfort blanket also helps soothe the baby and help them settle down when they’re tired or not feeling well.

Photo voucher

With the digital era, we don’t print photos often enough.  Encourage some print photos by giving the parents a voucher at a local photo print store so they can get a few family and baby photos of the first year.

While it’s not a baby gift as such it is a lovely notion which not many people will have thought of and something that will be well used.

Hand me downs

If you have already had kids, go through their old boxes and find some of their old favourites that are still in good condition and which aren’t too sentimental to pass on.  These could be baby books, toys, puzzles, etc.

Things that make noises

Every parent will strongly dislike you if you buy a noisy toy that doesn’t turn off.  Stay clear of those.

But books that make animal sounds, or toys that are not too bad, like purring kitties, are safe.

Toys that have bits that can be played with, like a board with keys and locks, a mobile, books that have pages that pop out and things that open, these are all great items that babies love.

Good for the environment

Keep in mind things that are known to be a big contributor to landfill sites.  Disposable diapers are a big guilty culprit and so gifting some cloth alternatives could be a great contribution to helping reduce the number of diapers used in the baby’s diaper years.

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