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Plus Size Birthday Outfit Ideas For Winters


Today, in this article we’ll talk about the outfit for our plus size ladies to grace the occasion of a birthday party. We also have to take care that the lady is of plus size. A plus size is a size that is much larger than the normal sizes and it is very difficult for a person to find out a plus size garment in the market, so we will go for a tailored version of the garment for the party.

Cut off shoulder dress, Evening gown

Hence my description of the garment will be in such a way as if I am explaining to a tailor for what we want. For that I will have to give out every detail of the garment in such a way that the person knows from where to cut and where to stitch. I have decided to dress up my lady in a beautiful evening gown to attend the birthday party. So let us start working on some of the best plus size birthday outfit design and layout for our ladies and get her ready for the birthday party in the evening.

Birthday Outfits | Ashley Graham, Plus-size model, Getty Images

First of all we will select an evening gown for the birthday celebration. Get the best color that will suit a fair skinned woman. We can have good contrasting colors for the lady like the light pastel colors and the universal white. I will go for a light grey color. The fabric of the gown will be silk, and the color will be light grey. We will start the design right from the top of the shoulders.

Young & cool fashion model, Tara Lynn

The gown will be a single shoulder outfit that will go across the shoulders from right to the left. The shoulder will have a lot of gathers so that it can come down with a lot of fabric. The shoulder can also have a flower on top of it to give it a rich look. The body of the gown will be stitched to the bottom portion at the waist. The waist will be a tight fitting waist. The fabric of the bottom part that will come from the waist will be attached to the waist with a lot of gathers that will give a cascading fall to the fabric below the waist. It will resemble the looks of a Greek Goddess.

Nice to try things fashion model, Ashley Graham

The shark skin gown will be encircling the legs of the lady and will not flare out. It will be a legs hugging fit so that the fine shapely legs of the lady can be felt. The side of the bottom of the dress will have a long slit, right from the thigh to the bottom to reveal one of the legs of the lady. The back of the upper body of the gown will have an invisible zipper to fasten the body. At the back of the body and on the waist a big knot can be stitched on to give it a much richer look. The gathers of the bottom gown can be stitched in a way that they appear to emanate from the center and go away towards the outer stitch.

Ashley graham vogue fashion funds award

Now for the leg wear, the lady can wear a pair of fish net stockings up to her thighs. The foot wear consists of a pair of grey leather high heeled sandals or a pair of high heeled grey belles with a pointed toe. To complement the gown the lady can wear a wide brimmed hat of the same silk fabric and also have a flower on the hat made of the self fabric. The lady can also wear a veil of black net over her face.

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