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Perfect Destinations for Landscape Photography


Whether you are a new journalist with a tendency to use Instagram or you are obsessed with more blurry photos, our earth has places of every kind. Each corner of the globe is awash with passion and energy. However, this enthusiasm can only be noticed by those who save the moments in their camera and then later recall them.

Without a doubt, everyone wants to capture the mesmerizing landscape shots. However, not all people know about the places where they can capture the natural wonders of the world. It is possible that you may get some good photos wherever you go, but the best ones can only be acquired at perfect destinations. In this article, we have unveiled all the places where you can get the ideal shots of the landscape. Let’s start your journey with us.

1.    Nepal

Nepal is a tiny Himalayan nation that is famous not just for its brave people but also for its towering mountains. It is also called the photographer’s paradise because photography lovers from all across the world come here and fulfill their appetites. Its rivers, lakes, and the snow-covered lands have the potential to impress even the most rigid photographers. So, if you travel to Nepal, then don’t forget to bring a high-quality camera because you will be witnessing a lot of dazzling things. Capturing the volcano eruptions while sitting on the lush green pastures has an out of the world feeling.

2.    Xingping, China

It would not be an exaggeration if we say that China has some of the most wonderful mountains in the world, meaning that it is an ideal choice for landscape photographers. Some people underrate the breathtaking beauty of the dazzling mountains of the Xingping region, but once you go there, you will get lost in the stunning views of mountains. The area is so huge, and visiting the whole region is nearly impossible. But you can observe the Karst Mountains that possess the overall beauty of the region. You can book flights of China Southern Airlines to visit this heaven on earth.

3.    Simien Mountain National Park, Ethiopia

The Simien Mountains in Northern Ethiopia are one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world owing to the erosion on a huge scale over a million years. The deep valleys, rugged terrain, and the jagged mountains provide the people with an ideal opportunity to capture the pristine photos. The Mayashasha River is also a place where you can satiate your craving for the best shot. Once you reach here, you will observe that you have embarked on the trek for a lifetime. The green and towering mountains here have all the merits to go into your next photo album.

4.    Mirror Lakes, New Zealand

No place in New Zealand is more beautiful than the gorgeous mirror lakes. They are situated on the southern island, and reaching here will take your breath away. The lakes are ideal for stretching your legs and allocating some time for first-class photography. The best time to come here is during spring when the waters remain calm, and the serenity engulfs the whole region. The water of the lakes is so clear that you can see the stars in it. The Earl Mountains are also popular among the bikers, hikers, and tourists, and so, you cannot afford to miss the opportunity of coming here.

5.    Mount Edith Cavell, Canada

This mountain is located in the valleys of Astoria and Athabasca Rivers. The peak is considered the most prominent one in the entire Alberta, given its beauty and impressiveness. It was named in 1916 after an English nurse, Edith Cavell, who was executed by the Germans in World War I. The surrounding greenery and the amazing water rivulets are the things that make the mountain a perfect spot for the photography lovers. If you also want to visit this mountain, you should book the Lahore to Toronto flights in advance.

6.    Utah, United States

Utah is an isolated state in the US, but it is not much isolated when it comes to photography and the beautiful scenery. The state is famous for geographical tourism in the entire country. There are various deserts and mountain ranges here that allure the photographers from all across the world. The majority of the people living here are the inhabitants of Salt Lake City. And the rest of its area is open for exploration and discovery. Whenever you visit the USA, never forget to capture the majestic scenery of this state as these memories will haunt you for good.


We have informed you about all the beautiful places where you can take the memorable shots of your life. These are the moments that you will remember once you grow old. You can visit if you want to book online tickets for the places mentioned here.

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