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Online Course Marketing: Use Blog To Attract More Learners

We look for search engines like Google for every little query of us. As a result, we come across many blogs addressing our specific searches. It ranges anything between our tour planning or as crucial as buying Online Courses to feed our knowledge. Especially, with the boom of various blogging sites like WordPress or blogger, it has become much easier to launch an online blog. If you are a course creator &  knows the little tips & tricks behind blogging & SEO, you can go way ahead of your competitors. For self-hosted course platforms like Spayee (Create and sell online courses Launch your own Teaching Website), you can have a blog section linked with your course platform.  Using blogs for your online course marketing would bring you more traffic, help you in sales & develop a brand for you.

Using Blog for Online Course Marketing

You might be wondering how exactly having a blog would benefit you in your Online Marketing strategies. Let me simplify the process for you. First of all, most of the content marketers do blog, despite having a fully functional website where they display their products. As a matter of fact, it even benefits them. It catches the attention of many people who are looking for it. If you do SEO for your blog and rank high on the search results, people are going to take notice. They are going to talk about your Course Platform which will be natural and organic. So, that’s where the blog would comes handy.

How Blog Helps In SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing your website using some constant practices so that the quality & and quantity of your website traffic improves.SEO also makes your website visible in the search results. These results are unpaid and fully organic.  SEO also depends on the number of times someone mentions you online on their social media platforms. If you sell courses Online, you can write blogs using the focused keywords so that your potential learners can identify you. YOu can increase the footfall on your blog by linking your blog with the community forums like Quora. Share your blogs on other social media platforms as well to increase visibility. Focus on publishing only quality content which adds value to your readers. Doing so, you will gain your readers’ confidence which will eventually be your paying customers.

Linking Your Course PLatform With Blog Site

Being an Online educator, it’s very important to link your blog with your online course platform. If you are selling courses through self-hosted course platforms like Spayee, you won’t need another website to link your Course Platform. There is a pre-built Blog section where you can publish your SEO optimized blog and gain traction. By doing so, people who visit your course platform would get to read some valuable content. It will keep them engaged. You can also backlinking your course platform with another blog. By hyperlinking a linked text on your main page, you can send the audience who visit your website to your blog site.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that search engines optimize subdomains separately from the main domains. Hence, if you are having an Online Institute named and a blog called, then even if search engines optimize, it will not optimize So, the best way to deal with it is to add a custom URL as This way, you will be optimize your course platform as well as your blogging web page at the same time.  

Linking Blog Sites To Spayee Subdomain

If you are hosting your Online Course Platform through Spayee, you can link your blog on your landing page. In your Course Website, you have a pre-built “Blog” section. You can use it as a ‘Call To Action’ button where people can click & read your blogs regularly. 

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