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Everything You Need to Know About Oxygen Therapy

oxygen therapy

The Exquisite Salon and Spa is one of the prominent providers of oxygen therapy to clients in Littleton, Colorado. If you aren’t familiar with oxygen therapy, then this article is perfect for you to gain some insight. Oxygen therapy significantly increases dissolved oxygen in the blood for proper delivery to the tissues.

During this therapy, an individual inhales 100% oxygen at atmospheric pressures while lying in a unique chamber that supports the entire body.

There are several benefits of oxygen therapy, they include: –

• Magnifies concentration, memory, and alertness
• It helps to improve your vision.
• Improves the healing process
• Solidifies your heart and helps in decreasing the risk of heart attacks
• Helps you attain a calm mind
• Speeds up the body’s recovery that may take place due to excessive exertion
• Naturally cures migraines and headaches
• It does not have any Side Effects.

A lot of people confuse oxygen therapy with IV therapy which is completely wrong. The former helps in growing the amount of oxygen in an individual’s blood. It allows red blood cells to run all the more easily through the plasma and heal an injury completely. Furthermore, this procedure greatly increases the rate of healing tissue. The overall goal of oxygen therapy is to accelerate the healing procedure of your injury or gastric ulcer to finally enhance your quality of life.

body wrap

The therapy begins with an individual entering the chamber and lying down on a bed. Unlike a body wrap, this treatment does not tie you down. In fact, after you lie down and the pressure reaches a certain level, you will be allowed to sit in a relaxed position. The increased pressure will not cause any pain, but you may feel some sort of pressure in your ears. If you’re a first-timer, you will feel the pressure like that on an airplane. This sensation will completely disappear as the therapy progresses.

The average O2 treatment is somewhere in the range of 1 to 2 hours, five days in a week. You can utilize this opportunity to take a nap, appreciate some quiet time or watch some TV if it’s available in the chamber.
For those, who are claustrophobic, do not worry about it. The chamber will be open at all times for you to come out whenever you feel that you cannot stay inside any longer. Besides, you’ll never be alone as the chambers are outfitted with an intercom framework so that you interact with the staff during treatment.

The skilled staff at the Exquisite Salon and Spa will track your progress and inform you about the same. As committed professionals, we will ensure that you receive high caliber and personalized care. You may opt for one of our 15, 30 or 45-minute sessions. The larger the session, the more you re-oxygenate. We allow our clients to select an aromatherapy

fragrance from Joy, Relaxation, Energy or Clarity. To know the exact pricing details of our sessions, you may head to our official website or give us a call.

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