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My Experience Trying to Fix My Apple Products

apple products

I was minding my own business, using my iPad when the unthinkable happened – I dropped it and the screen shattered into pieces right before my very eyes.

My mom was there when it happened and suggested I look for iPad screen repair near me to quickly fix the issue.

I knew that a broken iPad screen would just cause future issues. The screen protects the inner components, so when it’s broken, they’re exposed to harmful elements from the environment. This would lead to more iPad damage, so I realized that I had to get this problem fixed as quickly as I could.

Stubbornly, I decided that this would be an easy enough problem to solve on my own even though I had no iPad screen repair experience. Turns out mother always knows best.

My Experience Trying to Fix My Own iPad Screen

I made every mistake you could possibly make when I attempted my repair. To start, I ordered the wrong iPad repair kit for my iPad model online. I ended up having to return it after ordering the proper one, which meant more time I had to spend separated from my iPad.

Next, I didn’t expect the LCD on the iPad to be broken too – but it was. iPad screens are made of three layers, not just a piece of glass like I thought. A glass display is on top of a part called a digitizer, which sits on top of an LCD.

When I ordered my iPad replacement screen, I only received that glass display and digitizer. After doing some online research, I realized that replacing the screen only wouldn’t fix my problem. Still, I didn’t look for iPad repair near me. I continued to try to fix my device on myself.

And speaking of online research, the DIY YouTube videos I checked out wasn’t exactly accurate. An example of a repair video I saw included a screwdriver and a hairdryer. After spending hours trying to fix my iPad screen to no avail, I broke down and took it to a repair shop.

My Experience at the Local Repair Shop

Going to the repair shop was convenient – they accepted walk-ins, which meant that I didn’t have to set up an appointment or take off of work or anything. I was pretty surprised when the tech told me that he could fix my screen while I waited – it would only take him an hour. That was pretty humbling considering I had spent several futile hours trying to fix my screen, but he was an expert and I wasn’t.

The screen repair was a lot less expensive than I thought it would be. I wasn’t covered by AppleCare+ insurance, so I expected the price for screen repair to be sky high after checking out Apple’s website. Turns out local repair shops are significantly cheaper, to my wallet’s delight.

Sure, I wouldn’t have paid as much money if I had just broken the glass display (repair shops are able to repurpose iPad screens and will knock some money off of the repair if you haven’t broken your LCD), but I was pleasantly surprised at how convenient and cheap getting my screen fixed turned out to be.

The tech was polite and answered all of the questions I had and gave me some handy tips on how to protect my iPad in the future. I was actually able to purchase a screen protector and protective case right at the repair store because they offered accessories.

The best part of the whole process, I think, was that the repair shop offered a year-long warranty on their screen repairs. The tech explained that to honor this warranty the shop only used the best replacement parts, and if my screen broke again thanks to a shoddy repair, I could take it right back and get it fixed for free.

Next time I have to get a device repaired, I will definitely take it to this repair shop instead of trying to fix the issue on my own. I didn’t have the right tools, replacement parts, or the skills to fix my own iPad screen. Meanwhile, the repair shop did, and I didn’t have to break the bank to get my screen fixed.

Finding iPad screen repair near me was also pretty easy because there were so many local repair shops around the corner. To find the best one, I checked out local reviews and asked friends for referrals. Ultimately, the whole process was quick, easy, and cheap. Turns out mom was right again.

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