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Mistakes in Guest Posting: What You Should Avoid

Mistakes in Guest Posting

Guest posting is undoubtedly one of the best tricks to generate traffic to your website in recent times. It is highly effective in improving your website rankings and connecting with your precious audience. This makes the quality of every guest post written extremely important. Different websites have a varied niche and you have to cater according to their requirement. Therefore, it is important to avoid certain mistakes which can really break your reputation and render your guest posting ineffective.

Read on for the complete list of mistakes you absolutely must avoid in your guest posts.

  • Insufficient intros:

The beginning of a guest post is extremely important. The introduction should be such that it holds the attention of the reader. The pitch is important in building a connection with the audience as much as the niche. In order to stay in sync with the niche, you cannot forget to build the connection that will establish your authority in the field.

  • Forgetting details about the writer:

Personal details are essential for connecting with the audience if the guest post is a good one; the audience is usually interested in knowing more about the author and going through the other articles. Therefore, try and include social media details, links of other articles in the guest post. It also establishes you as a legitimate source for the posts. The author’s bio is especially important in this scenario because it informs the readers about your core skills and sometimes even interests. This is the space where you need to actually capitalize the thing rather than let the guard down. You can include a link to route the traffic to the landing page or the subscription page.

  • Flouting the guest posting rules:

All guest posting service providers have their own set of rules which you will have to follow. Some of these include preferred topics, banned topics, and method of posting the same. As contributors, you are supposed to comply with one and all of them. There should be no space for any complaint.

  • Spun or low-quality content:

This is the worst mistake that you can commit in any guest post. It is an absolute killer of your image as a writer and can seriously damage your brand name and image. Also, spun content can be identified easily and rejected. Thorough research in the particular niche on which the article is based is very important for the success of the guest post. The details provided should be accurate and enlighten the reader.

  • Automated templates for pitching:

Guest bloggers often use automated templates for the purpose of guest posting. This is known quite well by the editors and curtly ignored in many cases. This should be avoided at all costs. What needs to be done is to customize each of the templates separately for the editors so that the chances of guest posting are not rejected. A presentable pitch is always necessary.

  • Writing for the wrong site:

It is understandable that you will be excited at being accepted as a guest post writer. But before applying did you check if the niche matches with yours. Writing for a site that does not essential contributes to the betterment of your site is not a bright idea. The main idea behind guest posting is driving traffic to the website. But, if the wrong traffic is driven then it is useless to you and your website. The relevance and quality of backlinks are very important. Writing for a small website that contributes to a small number of loyal audiences is far suitable than writing for a bigger site with unrelated topics. 

  • Using guest posts only for inbound links:

Using guest posting only for the sake of inbound links has been discouraged by search engine giant Google. It is what has earned guest posting a bad name. In fact, it is what leads to poor quality content which cannot be great for any business. As a guest posting writer, your focus should be solely on creating a brand name, business awareness, and great quality content. Any content that is created with quality and care is likely to generate traffic on its own.

  • Forgetting the audience:

This is one of the most crucial mistakes that can be done during a guest posting. The target audience in guest posts remains the same as in your own posts because the niche essentially remains the same and you will be directing more readers to your own blogs and website. While staying true to your style of writing ensure that your guest posts fulfill the requirement of the readers.

Take away:

Guest posting service that offers information-packed posts is well-appreciated and sought-after. It is one of the important keys of the world of SEO which can be a powerful tool when applied correctly. Therefore, for the serious guest post writer, these mistakes should be avoided consciously.

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