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Marble As The Stone Of All Applications

Marble is already known to be one of the more favourable stones when it comes to home designing. However, marble as a rock doesn’t limit itself only within the comfort of one’s home. Even though the Pietra grey marble might be amongst the category of the best tiles there are, it isn’t the only use that marble holds. From monumental builds to the formulation of soft abrasives, marble has the perfect balance when it comes to chemical properties and is capable of acting as the catalyst for a significant amount of creations.

When we think of marble, the very first thing that comes to mind is the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is one of the first architectural wonders of the world and was constructed with an excessive amount of marble. Created as a statement of love, the marble on the monument shines brightly till date, even after almost a total of 400 years ago. Other important architectural wonders created out of marble include the colosseum built in Rome, Italy, the Supreme courthouse built in Washington, DC, the great pyramids of Cairo, and even the Washington Monument. Natural stone is known to last longer and the evidence of this statement lies in the durability of the aforementioned monuments. Due to this very reason, natural stone is used in homes in order to create an elegant yet durable aesthetic within the confinements of one’s own home. Marble is a soft and cool stone and can be a wonderful stone to work with (especially in the form of kitchen countertops!). There is a large list of marble suppliers in Melbourne, and is only one of many. However, Pietra Gallery works as direct importers and suppliers of natural stone and can help you find the best stone of all for you.

Besides the use of marble in construction and home decor, it is also used by a wide variety of artists in order to create the most flattering sculptures. The stone holds a translucent glow and thus, holds the ability to sustain a relatively high polish. Since it is also soft in nature, it is easy to sculpt and some of the world’s most famous sculptures have been created with the same stone. Artemis, Mylon, Michelangelo, were all sculptors that believed marble to be one of the best of all stones for sculpting. Due to the transparency that marble was and is capable of creating, it was their first choice in the name of art.

When broken down to the form of powder, marble can be used a pigment, as the medium for creating supplements to dairy products and also in order to create acid neutralizers. In the form of a powder, marble is used as the main pigment for brighteners, fillers in paints and paper as well. The purest form of marble is used to create acid neutralizers to make products such as Alka Seltzers that can be used for the treatment of acid indigestion. Finally, when it comes to raising dairy animals, there are certain farms that use animal feeds that contain a higher amount of calcium than the rest. In order to create such a feed, limestone and marble are ground into powders in order to create supplements that are rich in calcium and are also soft enough to be consumed by the respective animals.

As a simple metamorphic rock, marble has grown to have so many more uses than the average stone and is thus, as good as the ideal stone of all applications. Whether you’re painting your wall, putting up your tiles, or even fixing up your upset tummy, marble can help you out.


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