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10 Project Management Tools To Choose From

You might be aware of the fact that project management is something which is quite difficult irrespective of whether you are working in a small set up or you are the owner of the company.

There is always a great chance that you have been assigned the tasks that involve project management expertise although you are working under a larger corporation.

When you are equipped with the best project management tools, managing the tasks appears to be quite easier.

The following are 5 best project management tools that surely intimidate the latest advancement of the software that does not require any method of specialized training:


  1. Convert66

The projects are made quite easy with the help of the convert66 apps. This is the best online tool suite that helps in a lot with online file converter.

It does take every information that you are having in terms of your project management. This is the best converter tool that does ensure that every required format is there for you.

This tool suite is the best for people who are from the project management niche as people usually think visually about the same. You can commence with the software right away with the help of the intuitive interface.

When you are trying to create some new tasks, along with the categorized ones as well as adding project management subsidiaries, they are all just a click away.

  1. Asana

To allow you the utilization of your existing templates for the creation of new workflows, as well as the listed tasks along with the post tasks that need to be shared with the boards of the project along with breaking down the larger ones. This is the other project management tool that would be helping you a lot.

On the various other tasks, your team members would be able to comment also. They can even sign up for the email updates that involve important projects. Being a project manager you would even be able to check over the status of the project without the need of contacting other team members.

  1. Trello

You can easily be intimidated while people are not accustomed to the vocab that is there in project management. This is the reason behind the existence of Trello. This tool comes in with an intuitive interface that is excellent for people who are inexperienced as a project manager.

Instantly Trello gets hold of familiarity with the card-based design that is there. You are sure to find every of the task listed on every card. The cards can be moved by the project manager based on the level of priority, you can also upload PDFs and other files, along with the creation of the lists and the completion of the tasks.

You can handle all through your email. Email would be helping in a lot with the creation and the update of the cards. The projects are also assigned to the email addresses whenever they are created. A simple mail is only required to be sent if there are any modifications or changes in the project.

  1. Basecamp

Basecamp proves to be the right tool for the people who have managed their projects earlier with the help of the meetings as well as the emails. This tool also helps in a lot with the creation of the location that is centralized involving a team of communication and where the communications in real take place.

Instead of going ahead with the long chain of emails for updating people about the tasks that are created the project managers are now able to post their updates on the central board of message.

The project managers are also allowed to get hold of the to-do sections for tracking the tasks as well as assigning them to the respective team members.

You can also attach files that are important for you making use of the calendar tool for scheduling the meetings as well as establishing the deadlines in addition to all.

  1. Omniplan

Now coming to the Apple technology, there are project managers who are working with the Apple technology and Omniplan is the best tool for project management that is specifically designed to serve this operating system only.

With the other tools that are already there over the iOS and Mac, this tool is capable enough to get integrated within the same. The ease of use along with the helpful interface helps in a lot to put together every crucial information regarding the project at a commonplace in addition to all.

It is very simple and easy to check out the functionality of this tool that is required there within the creation of the projects even though you are a new user.

With the help of these tools, project management is now made easier and time-saving resulting businesses to turn fruitful!

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