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List Of Baby Furniture Packages We Might Be Interested In

Baby furniture is one of the most critical aspects of the life of a parent. In the modern hour,  without the aid of appropriate furniture, most of us might not even survive taking care of our babies. The small infants feel more at ease with more helping hands to take care of them all day.

Even if we have decided to set up a nursery for the first time, we should obtain more types of furniture that can practically complement the theme of the entire room or nursery. This will be a place for the babies to thrive positively and have a healthy life ahead. The fun experiences are only possible if the parents end up choosing top-notch quality furniture at affordable rates. For this reason, the article present below will be providing us with the list of possible baby furniture packages Australia offered by one of the famous companies, Ubabub.

Mod nursery package

We can purchase this particular type of package at $2,700, which is the discounted price. Originally it was marked as $2,917. If we wish to get all the favorite items in a single package, this is the perfect choice for us.

One of the advantages of getting this particular package is to get an easily assembled court. We can also adjust the mattress height easily without any difficulties. Deluxe innerspring mattress is also available with 69 X 131 cm size. Another famous material that we can obtain in this package includes a change pad of the size 40 X 78 cm. You can also get a change pad cover and mode dresser within the package easily along with toddler’s conversion kit.

Nifty Clear Nursery Package

This is another package available for most mothers only at $2,450.00 quickly. The baby cots are meant to ensure the satisfaction and safety aspect of the babies. If we strive to obtain all the items in the package individually, we might end up investing more money than necessary. Just like the previous package, we can get a changing pad with a different dimension, precisely at 40 X 78 cm.

Deluxe innerspring mattress can strive to give the babies ultimate warmth by providing the size of 69 x 131cm. The nifty dresser is also available within the package that makes it even more reliable. The change tray is also available for babies in white color. We can also obtain a change pad at affordable rates at 40 X 78cm easily along with its cover. The newest pattern is meant to attract the attention of both the babies and mothers, respectively.

Nifty Timber Nursery Package

Last but not least, this particular package offers us multiple furniture just at a $2,200 rate quickly in high-quality. Nifty timber cot is also available only for most of us that can match any theme change tray is available in this particular package just like the previous one. Other products such as Nifty dresser, change pad with cover, and deluxe mattress. The only difference is the difference between the theme and pattern we would get in this package.

Choosing one of the packages

The starting price for the baby pod is around $199 and ends at about $2,299, which wouldn’t be very affordable for us. If we want to purchase the furniture and get benefit out of it under budget, we ought to consider buying the whole package. We can approach the company and choose the one that fits our needs.


We can get various things such as stylish cots, mattresses, changing pads, and Nifty dresser at affordable rates only if we consider focusing on the packages. The company offers plenty of individual furniture such as bookshelves to give us a helping hand at taking good care of the babies.


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