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How Lean Six Sigma Methodology Ensures Success of Print Audit?

How Lean Six Sigma Methodology Ensures Success of Print Audit

Printing is one of the basic needs of any business organization which consumes a significant part of the overall budget. The companies that are not aware of their printing needs fail to utilize the resources properly and face the loss. On the other hand, some companies get a print audit to become clear about their requirements and utilize the resources accordingly.

The technological advancement has introduced a number of facilities in the printing industry as well. Lean six sigma is a methodical approach that utilized modern technology and research to do a print audit and make the companies aware of their needs. It is being used actively in the western world, and now the Middle Eastern countries are also embracing this approach.

The business organizations are seeking the help of Xerox UAE based companies to get print audits through the application of lean six sigma methodology. They also ensure to get a detailed report about print management along with information on suitable devices.

This article aims to explore the lean six sigma methodology to uncover how it ensures the success of a print audit.

5 Steps of Lean Six Sigma Methodology That Boost Print Operations

Lean six sigma methodology is basically an approach that focuses on goal-driven performance. It focuses on minimizing the problems and faults in a procedure and maximize the outcomes. The methodology specifically focuses on improving the performance of printing practices by doing the audit.

The following are the basic steps of a lean six sigma methodology that boosts the print operations of the business organizations.

1. Define

The first step of the lean six sigma methodology is defining the problem. In the case of a print audit, it means to define the problem in the document printing environment. It means to explain all the problems related to the function.

The problems can be the use of an extra budget than the fixed amount, more time consumption, improper waste management, etc. Highlighting and defining all the problems is essential to reach the solid and applicable solution, so pay attention to this step.

2. Measure

The second step of the lean six sigma methodology is to measure the problems. In the case of print auditing, it means to take into account the measurement or scale of the problems in the document printing environment.

Measuring the problems in print audits can include points like checking the impact of the problem, time consumption in a single task, as well as a number of problems encountered in the process.

3. Analyze

The third step of the lean six sigma methodology in analyzing the root cause of the problems. In the case of print auditing, analysis of the problems impacting the functioning of document printing environment.

It can include the analysis of the tasks, as well as how they impact other functions in the setting. The analysis also helps the experts to know the basic door of the problem and how it is impacting the whole scenario of the printing environment.

4. Improve

The next step of the lean six sigma methodology is to improve the problem areas of the print audit. The basic focus of this step is to utilize the measurement and analysis of the problems in the document printing environment to propose the solution and apply it to the setting.

Moreover, this step focuses on utilizing the information of root causes of problems and fixing the issues to ensure long term support and solution of the matter.

5. Control

The last step of the lean six sigma methodology is to control the process. In the case of printing audit, it means to control the changes and improvements made in the document printing environment to avoid future issues.

This point stresses the importance of utilizing the solutions in the best possible manner while making the arrangements to apply them in future decisions and practices related to the print environment.

How to Apply This?

The application of the methodology requires expert skills and training; therefore, relying on amateurs will not provide any benefit. You can acquire the services of Xerox UAE based companies and get the print audit by the application of lean six sigma methodology. By getting the audit, you can not only gain insight into your pointing practices but the type of printing devices suitable for your needs.

By relying on the experts, you can also get to know if the in-house facility is more beneficial or acquiring the managed print services will add profit to your shares and reducing operational cost. So, consult the advice of experts before making a decision and revolutionize your printing practices.

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