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Know About Top 4 Australian Student Visas


As the name suggests, a Student visa is said to be the visa that is being issued with the primary purpose of visiting the nation for pursuing education in Australia. The land serves the overseas students with immense number of top-ranking institutes delivering quality based learning. Based on the study requirements, one must opt for the student visa from the prevailing many visa types. Majorly, if someone intends to study in the region goes for the application of student visa subclass 500. Also, the person applying for the visa should also undertake in any of the registered courses on a full-time basis. It is too essential that the course which you are going to apply should also be registered at the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Student visa has the validity of 5 years, all depending on the course work.

The visa sponsor is required to provide the evidence of possessing the financial assets in order to bear the tuition fees and the other living/stay expenses in the nation. The applicants of the visa should also satisfy the varied health-based requirements which are being specified in the Migration regulations in Australia. Undergo the payment of the OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) for you as well as your guardians accompanying you to Australia. It is all to attain health insurance. The applicant of the student visa is too required to pass the English proficiency test by attaining the acceptable scores in the points test. It will make you eligible for the visa application.

Top 4 Australian Student Visa

There rest varied types of the student visa which would assist the individuals in moving to the Aussie land for study purpose. Among those all, here are the top 4 visa applications:

  • Graduate Visa 485:

 This visa is meant for the international students who have recently                completed the graduation for any of the top-ranking institutes of the region. For this, you should be the holder of the student visa in the past 6 months. Being the holder of the student visa subclass 485, you get the benefit of studying and working in Australia on temporary aspects after the completion of the studies in the region. It does not have any of the restrictions on the working hours or the type of work you are doing in the region. The graduate visa 485 thus comes in 2 streams for the individuals. The same is like the Graduate workstream, which allows individuals with a stay of 18 months in Australia. On the other hand, the post-study work stream avails the individuals with then stay of 2 to 4 years in the region. The cost of having the visa application rests on being around AUD$1,535.

  • Student Visa Subclass 500:

 The Department of Home Affairs has provided the students with huge number of options to study and live in Australia. The students visa subclass 500 is also the one among that all. The visa permits the students to stay and pursue their study from any of the well-recognized institutes of the region. It tends to have the time limit of around 5 years which is completely nonnegotiable.
After the completion of the time period, the student would have to undergo reevaluation of the studies, liaise and reapply with the Australian government. The application fees of the student visa subclass 500 rests to be around AUD$575.

  • Training Visa Subclass 407:

This is said to be as the student visa but it is somewhat different kind of visa. It is meant for those group of individuals who are desiring to come to Australia on temporary aspects. The reason behind the same rests to be undergoing the occupational training for the professional development based aspects. The visa application too allows the individuals to indulge in the workplace training based courses which are required for enhancing the skills in certain occupation. The time period for the occupational training should be around 30 hours per week. It should not be more than 30%. The application of the visa costs to around AUD$285. Along, being the standard                 process, there might rest certain other costs while having the visa application. The person going for the training visa subclass 407 is also required to give certain proofs in respect to the availability of funds to stay in the region.

  • Student Guardian Visa 590:

This visa application is majorly meant for certain people especially the guardian of the students accompanying them to Australia. This case suits those students who are below the age group of 18 years. In this visa application, you are being considered as the guardian of the student and the time duration for the visa rests the same to be 5 years. Not only this, the visa too provides you a certain time for study in the region.

Being the holder of student guardian visa 590, allows you to spend certain time polishing your general knowledge skills. For that, the time limit rests to be 3 months. In case, you exceeds that you would be required to go for the application of the student visa.

Hope that you have gained with all of the essential knowledge for having the visa application in Australia and pursue the study in the utmost manner. If still there rests any of the confusion or query in respect to the student visa types, the Migration Agents Adelaide would help you in the best possible manner. The individuals possess years of experience dealing with clients of different mindsets. You would be given with professional advice in respect of having the optimum visa choice for attaining studying and living benefits in Australia.


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