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An Introduction to Technical Humans – The Web Developer

web developer


In current times, almost everyone we see around us is connected to the internet. This trend has seen a rapid increase ever since the internet was made accessible to the public. However, during the early days of its introduction, the internet was only limited to government agencies and educational institutes. In the near future, the total number of the population connected to the internet will experience a sharp increase. We open different websites throughout the day though and are fascinated by most of them. The charm websites like these offer users are their user-friendly interface, and their overall look and feel. We might think that it’s easy to come up with a website, but its creation gives developers a tough time. They just can’t wave around a magic wand or something and come up with something like this. The creation of a website revolves around two major factors, namely development and designing. So, let’s begin informing you about the entire creation process, shall we?


What’s the Job of a Web Developer?

Most of us, when we open certain websites, wonder who developed it. Web developers, or in a simpler word, programmers, are those specific individuals who have taken up the role of developing and designing a specific website. All websites are structured through different layers of complex codes, through the efficient use of a number of programming languages, such as the HTML. For some, this might seem an easy task, but those who have had experience with programming are aware of the fact that how challenging such a task is. Computers can’t understand the language we humans communicate in, and everything needs to be converted into machine code first.

Such a task requires extreme precision and years of experience, as the most minor mistakes can end up creating issues. It is absolutely necessary for a web developer to have a proper understanding of different programming languages. However, working on and developing a certain website can either include a single developer or a group of developers? Different web development companies in Lahore specialize in website development and design. They’ve got teams of highly skilled individuals who take pride in coding a website, correcting any bugs, and making them as efficient as possible. Basically, there are three types of developers.

  • Front-End Developer

A front-end developer is an individual who’s tasked with informing himself of the client’s needs and starts coding for website development. However, it’s expected for a worthy front-end developer to have a perfect grip upon at least 3 major programming languages. These include HTML, Java, and CSS.

  • Back-End Developer

As mentioned above, front-end developers have the task of programming a website. On the other hand, back-end developers have to manage servers. All the websites currently online on the internet are managed by servers. Whenever a specific user has troubles accessing a certain website and experiences glitches and slow loading speeds, it’s most likely that the server is down. Maintaining such servers is the task of back-end developers, and they have to ensure that websites work flawlessly. Compared to front-end developing, back-end developing is a tougher task.

  • Full-Stack Developer

Let’s suppose a smaller business intends on launching a website, this would be considered a small-scale task. For such purposes, a full-stack developer would be hired. This means that he himself would be responsible for the programming and designing the respective website. On the other hand, such developers are hired to keep watch on greater projects for different large-scale web design and development companies.

What Does Web Designing Include?

Unlike web development, that includes the overall programming of a website, web design is limited to designing the way a website feels and looks. For such tasks, Web Design Companies in Pakistan excel in providing their services. Either individuals or proper organizations might provide their services. Teams of designers consider their client’s ideas into consideration and make them seem as appealing as possible. The more aesthetically pleasing a specific website is, the higher the traffic it will attract. This would result in greater brand awareness among consumers.

Coming to a Conclusion

Well, we suppose that’s enough for now. The above-mentioned details are your quick guide to the entire process of website developing and design.

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