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Intensifying Role of Skill Certifications in HR Career

The current job market is highly competitive with millions of people out of work seeking their best career opportunity. Hiring managers globally are receiving hundreds and thousands of job applications for a handful of positions advertised in a day. HR people are only picking the brightest from the pack.

One would need to stand out among the crowd, or the cruel job market will make you wait forever!

As per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the employment of hr managers is expected to soar at 7% in the period starting 2018 till 2028, a percentage recorded higher than the median for other professions.

According to the industry experts, there will emerge 55 million openings in 2020 for people seeking an HR Career.

The average remuneration for fresh graduates entering the job market in HR is $55,000.

Demand for People in HR is Rising Globally

In accordance with the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, hr management careers at present, are seeing a significant upsurge. The reason is an increased demand from organizations recovering from the recession and looking to expand their workforce.

Never before had existed this huge demand for hr professionals in varied positions such as hr generalists, managers, and assistants.

Advantages with Having a Valuable HR Certification to Your Name

  • Being crowned with an hr management certification indicates the hiring managers about your knowledge and skills in the job profile
  • Having taken an hr management training course gives you an edge over other applicants in the hiring process
  • You get skilled in performing the basic hr duties such as recruiting, interviewing, and retention.
  • A comprehensive HR certification program will make you train at exercising varied skillset used in hiring practice, e.g. hiring, benefits management, payroll, conflict resolution, and union-management.
  • You get an edge, even over experienced candidates having a valued hr certification to your name.

Why an HR Certification in 2020?

Considering the employment trends in the HR domain, and the surging demand for HR professionals in 2020, it becomes mandatory to get your hands on a certification that can simply put you ahead in the competition in the highly competitive job marketplace.

Statistics Proving the Vitality of HR Certifications

  • As per the HR Certification Institute’s 2008 Value of Certification survey, when hiring freshers, 1 out of every 2 hiring managers favor candidates possessing a certification
  • S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) has forecasted the demand for HR professionals growing at 9% by 2024

Concluding Thoughts

Once you are done with your initial certification or having completed an online hr management training course run by a globally-recognized hr certification issuing body, you can opt-in for an advanced certification to further upskill yourself for senior positions.

Obtaining an advanced certification will help your HR career to get fast-tracked to new levels up the corporate ladder. Moreover, you will be able to multiply your earnings manifolds.

If you have decided to invest your time building a career in HR, then there could not be a better time than now. In 2020, you will find opportunities more than you have ever asked if you are a skilled individual in HR management.


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