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Immoral Practices all Call Centres need to Avoid!

Immoral Practices all Call Centres need to Avoid

Several bad habits of call centres always ruin their effort to provide splendid services. When we talk about call centres and their functions, several in-house habits lead to staff attrition and deteriorating customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, what is the reason for this downfall?

Well, workplace optimization can help avoid these bad habits. Call centres in India often complain of inefficient scheduling, issues with first come first serve call routing, random call quality monitoring, etc.

Keeping an eye on such shortcomings, businesses can improve their habits further improving sale opportunities. It is tough to stand amid high rising competition where different call centres are repetitively offering splendid services. Thus, to retain service quality and avoid any threat to customer gratification, it is vital to unfollow some bad habits.

Check out as we list some habits that call centres need to avoid for splendid customer support:

Routing calls inappropriately

Call routing based on a first come first serve basis is not a good practice when we talk about results. Call centres generally route calls as they come. However, routing anonymously to any agent cannot assure excellent customer satisfaction.

For example, the calls of a technical query when routed to a new agent cannot deliver optimum satisfaction to the customer/prospect. It is vital to route calls accordingly to an expert. This is the reason, the bad habit of call routing based on first come first serve basis needs to be abolished.

To integrate good practice, route calls based on expertise and call type. A technical call should be routed to a tech-expert, while a non-expert agent can easily deal with a normal query.

Wasting too much time on information selection

Asking the customers’ ID, and other personal details should not be too much time-consuming. Since too much time on personal details frustrates the prospect, it is thus considered a bad practice. To avoid attrition due to such circumstances, call centres need to avoid indulging in such practices.

Asking too many questions to the prospect initially can irritate them leading to attrition. Thus to avoid losing prospects, it is essential to avoid asking irrelevant questions repeatedly. Such repetitive question is a question on credibility, as prospects find it wrong when they are not answered early.

Call centres in India stress upon the fact that asking too many questions lead to degraded satisfaction levels. It says that every BPO should train its agents over a hassle-free and swift collection of contact information. Taking too much time to question prospects is not only harmful but is a threat to the business brand image.

Monitoring random calls

Call centres that monitor random calls and take a decision are not that successful. It is evident that the calls monitored randomly have less probability of bringing efficient results.

Call centres feel that they check random calls for customer information and it is correct, however, it does not provide adequate information always.

It is vital to use speech analytics software and new technologies that can keep track of the history of business-customer conversations.

Tracking regularly is a better way to monitoring conversations and analyzing the same to bring productive changes in business functions. Using random calls cannot provide an effective insight into correct business practices, thus focus on analytics for correct reviews.

Reactive management

Rather than reactive management, companies need to focus on proactive management. Real-time service management helps to boost services and companies need to integrate the same.

The new technologies like chatbots and automated software systematize your answer to customers. This software help to answer queries instantly dropping the issue of long queue waits for call answering.

To enhance business operations, it is better to focus on proactive measures and drop bad habits like being dependent on reactive management procedures.

Avoiding scheduling

Personalized scheduling options are not new for call centres but not all companies bother to take care of its significance. It is vital to avoid such ignorance, as it may result in bringing inefficient services. Scheduling options are anytime beneficial as they help agents in managing home and work at the same time.

Amid bad habits practiced by call centres, inefficient scheduling is one that deteriorates customer satisfaction. This makes it obligatory to focus on these small aspects to gain customers’ trust.

Wrap Up:

The tough things about bad habits are that they seem to be an easy option, however, they bring deteriorated end-results. Call centres in India stress on the fact that various call centres have degraded their services due to regular bad practices. The latest technologies and software suggest automated measures to boost business services and live agents need to update themselves accordingly to integrate some good practices in daily operations. The use of the latest technological tools is not solely efficient, however, demands human intervention and support.

Thanks for reading!

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