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How to Spend 48 Hours in Jeddah

Jeddah is the only city in Saudi Arabia that serves as a gateway to the two holiest cities in Islam. Mecca is only 65 kilometers to the east of Jeddah, whereas Medina is 360 kilometers to the north. Jeddah itself is located in the Hijaz region of the kingdom and has a population of over 4 million. The city is also home to the Jeddah Islamic Port, which is considered the second-largest and busiest port in the Arab world. Each year, thousands of tourists visit this city through Kuwait Airways to get lost in its charm.

The residents of the city take pride in their unique culture, food, and attitude. The city is known to be the most liberal one in the conservative kingdom. There is so much to do in the city in terms of entertainment and tourism. Here, we have guided the readers on how they can impeccably spend their 48 hours in Jeddah.


1 PM

You can start your journey of exploration from the old district, also known as Al-Balad. Here, you can observe the old Hijazi style house by walking through the narrow streets and alleys. Here, you will witness that some of the houses are not well-maintained, whereas some other houses depict a blend of the new and old styles. Additionally, do not forget to admire the traditional beauty of the Jeddah which you will observe in small towns and squares.

3 PM

At this time, you must be feeling hungry. So, it is time to have lunch from a famous restaurant. Jeddah boasts a number of cuisine points that offer incredible dishes. It totally depends on what type of dish you want to eat. If you want to taste the Lebanese food, head to Byblos. However, if you are inclined to somewhat local, then Albaik is the most prestigious chain of hotels in the entire country.

5 PM

After performing Asar Prayer, it is time to explore a bit of culture. For this, the Safia bn Zuqar Museum or Rauf Hasan Khalil Museum are the ideal places. These museums will acquaint you about the cultural traditions, customs, and heritage of the kingdom. Basically, Safia bin Zuqar is a famous Saudi artist who is acclaimed for her arts and paintings that depict the old Hijazi lifestyle.

8 PM

Of all the cities in the Kingdom, Jeddah is renowned for its bustling nightlife scenes. The Jeddah Cornice is a place where you will watch the dancing fountains, gleaming buildings, and the fast-moving boats. In addition, the amusers also showcase their tricks to entertain the tourists. Moreover, there are also a variety of restaurants at the cornice that serve the best Middle Eastern cuisine. Tourists who have come from Islamabad to Jeddah will also cherish the food.  After lunch, go to a nearby bar and have some sips of Halal drinks. You can also have a little chatter with the locals who will be equally excited about gossip.


9 AM – 2 PM

On Friday, you will hear the call to prayers ringing out all across the city. Since Friday is also a holiday, most of the shops and markets are closed until after 5 PM. Therefore, this time is best to explore the attractive coral reefs of the Jeddah city.

Friday is also the holiest day of the week for Muslims. The special Friday Prayer is held in the mosques in which the scholar delivers a sermon and then leads the prayer. If you are Muslims, you must take part in the Friday prayer.

3 PM

After the Friday prayer, head to the Red Sea Coast. Here, you can enjoy lots of activities including fishing, snorkeling, and diving. In addition, you can also enjoy the cool breeze on a fast jet boat. You can ask your hotel concierge to arrange this trip for you. Lastly, if the weather is pleasant, you can also walk along the Cornice.

8 PM

You are enjoying the last moments of your journey, so make sure that they are unforgettable. Now, you must be thinking about how you can make these moments memorable? It is straightforward. Take a lot of pictures of you and your friends. Go to different places and have a party. You can also have dinner at Hayat Park Hotel’s Fountain restaurant.

Once you have experienced all the ins and outs of Jeddah, it is time to go back to your home country. Therefore, after staying at the nearby hotel for a night, head to the King Abdulaziz Airport from where you can pick the flight for your home country.

Final Thoughts

Adhering to this plan will not only save you from going astray, but it will also enable you to enjoy the nitty-gritty of the city. You can go to if you want to book the flight for Jeddah at an affordable price.

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