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How to Shake Up Your Workout Routine Around the House

How to Shake Up Your Workout Routine Around the House
Lots of people want to be more fit, maybe see some pounds drop, and generally, feel healthier, stronger, and have better self-esteem. But there are always going to be those days when a formal workout is just not going to fit into our hectic schedules. If you find yourself short on time and do not want to make the commute to the gym, which can eat into your budget, you are in luck! Not only are there are many exercises you can do in your very own living room, but many of the chores you do around the house when done with intent can burn some serious calories.

Here are some great ideas for working up a good sweat right at home:

    1. Resistance Bands: These handy exercise tools can be used in a variety of different ways and hardly take up any storage space. A good resistance band workout will burn about 296 calories/hour.
    2. Stairs: No need to go to the local high school to run stadium stairs! Use the stairs right in your own home. Walking up and down stairs burns 544 calories/hour. You can also try hanging your heels off the edge of a stair and doing calf raises.
    3. Wall Sits: If at the end of the day you find yourself needing a little extra muscle burn, try doing a wall sit while brushing your teeth. Your quads will scream and your teeth will be extra clean as you try to hold the wall sit as long as possible.
    4. Push-Ups: We have all heard of push-ups and as a fantastic full-body workout, they can’t be left off the list. Add an extra challenge by letting your kids sit on your back as you do them.
    5. Carrying Small Child: There are some days your baby or toddler demands to be held. Use this to your advantage and carry them as you go about your business, knowing carrying them is burning an extra 136 calories/hour.Carrying Small Child
    6. Clean Floors on Hands and Knees: Forget the mop, get on your hands and knees to scrub the floor extra well to burn about 190 calories/hour.
    7. Mowing the Lawn: With summer here, the yard work is going to be calling your name. Embrace it, as mowing the lawn burns 325 calories/hour. At that rate, you will be asking the neighbors if you can mow theirs too!
    8. Squats and Lunges: Great exercises like squats and lunges can be done in the driveway, giving you plenty of space to get these done right.Squats and Lunges
    9. Play with the Dog: Use your pup to get in a great workout for both of you! Running around the backyard, throwing the ball, general playing, and going for walks around the block at a moderate activity level will burn about 200 calories/hour.
    10. Dance: Crank up your favorite tunes and have a dance party in the kitchen, the living room, or wherever! Go ahead and embarrass your kids. They’ll thank you later.
    11. High Knee Runs: Stand in place and then run in place as fast as you can bringing your knees up to your chest as you do so. This great workout burns about 500 calories per hour.
    12. Commercial Sit-Ups: If you are watching TV, you can get some exercise in during the commercial breaks. When a commercial comes on, start doing sit-ups and do not stop until your show comes back on.
    13. Jump Rope: You can do this with your kids or by yourself. See if you can relearn those old tricks you used to be able to do. Make it fun as you also burn a sizzling 700 calories per hour!
    14. Vacuuming: Simply doing a little vacuuming will burn 170 calories/hour, so don’t shy away from using this as a replacement workout on tough days.
    15. Gardening: Want to do something a little more low key? No problem. Get out in the garden, show those weeds who’s boss, and burn 250 calories/hour.
    16. Cleaning the Bathroom: Chores must be done, but they don’t have to be in vain. Putting a little elbow grease into your bathroom will help torch 180 calories/hour.
    17. Wash Inside and Outside of Windows: As you decide to do a little extra cleaning, look to your windows. Cleaning both the inside and outside of your windows will help burn about 200 calories/hour.
    18. Carrying Groceries Up Stairs: Carrying in groceries is no small task, especially if you have to go upstairs. Use this to your advantage as it burns 442 calories/hour! Take a few extra trips up and down the stairs for a little extra burn.
    19. Rearrange Rooms: Time to change up one of the rooms in your house? Great idea! Moving furniture (especially up or downstairs) burns 340 calories/hour. This is also a great incentive to help your new neighbor or your family move into their new home.
It is possible to be fit while also staying close to home. With so many great ways to get a workout done through your daily routine or right in your own backyard, you’ll never have to miss a workout again.

*These calorie estimations are based on a 150 lb individual.

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