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How to Optimize for Featured Snippets

How to Optimize for Featured Snippets
As more people are posting content online, the competition on search engines is getting stiffer. The only way to make it in this game is to use every SEO strategy and do it effectively. If you have not tried optimizing for a featured snippet, it may be a good way to remain competitive.


Google provides featured snippets as a way to deliver concise search results. These are answers that directly answer a user’s question without them having to click on any website. If you want to display your content in the quickest manner, you can link the sentence, list, or table you want to be portrayed to a featured snippet.
Featured Snippets
Featured snippets rank zero. This means that they come before the first organic search result. Hence, if you want to be more relevant on search engines, you should use a featured snippet from your webpage. Remember, however, there are many other website owners eyeing the same spot. To increase your chances of selection, here are some of the tips you can use:

Get Your Website to the Top Ranks

So many websites have content to display as featured snippets. Unfortunately, Google has to pick out only one.  Therefore, webpages whose content answers the same question have to compete for the same position. What better way to stand a chance than to get your site to the top?


Google often features webpages appearing among the top 10 search results.  Getting your webpage to this position can be another difficult task. Although it may take time to get here, you can use SEO tools to your advantage and eventually get a top ranking.


Keep up with the changes in SEO to make sure you are using the right tricks to improve your SEO ranking.  You will get a lot of insight into what makes top webpages stand out and the mistakes you should avoid. Once you succeed in boosting your ranking, you will be so much closer to getting a featured snippet.


LeadMirror will give you the information you need to boost your website performance can use this tool to monitor the progress of your site and find ways to improve it until you get your desired result. LeadMirror shows your website’s shortcomings and strengths.
Get Your Website to the Top Ranks

Find the Most Fitting Keywords

Keyword research plays a crucial role in determining your success in SEO.  To optimize for a featured snippet, you need to have effective strategies for keyword research. Think of a list of topics that if you want to write about positive affirmations for men can use for your content to guide your search.


Use the keywords on your topics and test them as you look for appropriate alternatives. You can rely on SEO tools to determine the performance of your keywords. One tool that can help you conduct good keyword research is LeadMirror.
With LeadMirror, you can get a comprehensive view of your keyword performance. This tool helps you find the keywords that work for your content and shows you what your competition is using.
Find the Most Fitting Keywords
Once you have the right keywords, you can focus on structuring your content to fit the requirements of a featured snippet. Here are some of the strategies you should use:


  • Get to the Point
Featured snippets often take less than 50 words. Therefore, you can only have your content featured if you give a direct answer. For example, if you are providing defining content writing, the response to be featured should be “Content writing is…”.
Furthermore, you should have a direct heading. Your work should clearly describe what your content is about without the reader having to scroll down. You can have the question you aim to answer as your heading to be as clear as possible.


  • Organize Your Content in Bullet Points
Bullet points are a time-saver for Google since they lead the reader directly to the answers they need. Hence, if your content is well-arranged in points can easily gain Google’s attention and get featured. This applies to list snippets.
Bullet points make your subheadings more visible, enabling search engines to distinguish them from the rest of the text. However, bulleting is not enough for effective SEO. You can enhance their visibility using heading tags.


  • Select Captivating Images
Featured snippets often display images relevant to the answers they provide. Therefore, you can use multiple images on your content and make sure they are eye-catching. Your work should make your audience interested in opening your webpage.


If you have several images, you will give Google a choice among them and better your chances of getting a featured snippet.  Google picks your images at random, hence you will not get a chance to choose the one you want to be displayed.


You may not be able to tell whether your images are good enough by just looking at them. Therefore, you can try to compare them to the images appearing on top-ranking websites and find ways to improve yours.


Further, you should use alt tags for your images to help Google identify them faster. These tags should be direct answers to the intended question. They should effectively describe what they are representing. However, you should keep them brief.
Author- Gladys Nyokabi
Gladys Nyokabi is an SEO writer with a marketing background and expertise in informative content and press releases. She has provided ghostwriting services on a variety of niches, her favourite being marketing and technology. Her writing is inspired by her need to create awareness on trending factors and her interest in the dynamic nature of technology.

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