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How to Increase the Effectiveness of Corporate Training?

corporate training

Today, a person receives in a few days more information than in the last century he received in his entire life. A dynamic external environment makes you constantly improve. Often the knowledge gained at the university is not enough, then additional education comes to the rescue. How to effectively train your employees, what nuances to take into account and what benefits this organization will bring, all will be explained.

Corporate personnel training is the acquisition of new knowledge and skills by employees of the organization, as well as the improvement of the qualification level. Almost all areas of activity require constant study of new information – accountants should be aware of changes in tax legislation, sales managers need to know all the intricacies of the goods and services offered, the marketer needs to be aware of new ways of promotion.

Distance training of personnel is becoming increasingly popular due to the relatively low cost, ease of organization, and the possibility of training directly at the workplace.

Many firms like are providing corporate training strategies for easing the flow of communication within an organization to improve upon productivity and make training effective.

This e-learning includes mainly:

Self-study video tutorials. They can be watched at a convenient time, at a comfortable pace. The disadvantage of video tutorials is the lack of feedback from the teacher.

Online webinars in which the moderator considers a specific topic, accompanying the story with a presentation on it. In the process of broadcasting, viewers can ask questions in the chat, so that the effectiveness of this form of training is higher than that of video lessons. The minus of the webinar is the need to view it at a specific, predetermined time, so the participants have to rearrange their schedule to participate in it. Sometimes the organizer provides a webinar recording, which allows you to view it later, but this makes it impossible to participate in the discussion.

Online courses – a series of video tutorials, united by one topic. Courses usually involve feedback from the teacher, control tests and a certificate in case of successful completion of control tests. Final testing allows you to immediately assess how effective the training was. The disadvantage of the courses is their duration, they require more discipline from the students.

How to Ensure training effectiveness?

The most important thing in the learning process is established feedback. The effectiveness of the educational process is increased if the teacher can quickly answer questions, adjust student behavior. An experienced trainer takes into account the individual characteristics of the participants – age, work experience, speed of assimilation of information.

It is important to motivate participants, to establish positive reinforcement – certification marks, certificates for taking courses, material incentives. The company may form an internal rating, which will reflect the achievements of employees, their courses and training.

The effectiveness of training will be higher if we consolidate knowledge in practice in working or simulated conditions. E.g, if they are provided with the best air cooler for 7700k which is best for optimal cooling. On the other hand, they are not provided with it. This will greatly affect the training process.

Methods for assessing the effectiveness of training:

  1. Survey of participants

The analysis can be based on the Kirkpatrick model, which involves a comprehensive assessment at several levels:

– reaction – it is recommended to conduct a written questionnaire immediately after the training, which will reflect the following questions: did the employees receive new knowledge, was the program useful, what is it can be improved.

– assimilation (whether training was useful for work) – a survey that is conducted a few days after training and includes questions about whether knowledge can be put into practice.

– application – a study specifying what has changed in the behavior of the staff after the training is carried out after 1-6 months.

  1. Expert evaluation of the results.

Experts can be the heads of employees who have completed corporate training, HR specialists, supervisory boards, consumers of services. Evaluation can be done by questionnaire, oral or written survey.

  1. Quantification of the results.

The most interesting, but also the most difficult. Unfortunately, performance improvement cannot always be quantified. To analyze the effect of training, you need to know the planned indicator (for example, sales) and the actual result. Other factors – seasonality, promotions, the economic situation should be unchanged. In practice, conducting such an assessment is difficult.

Final Words

The world is turning more global village where its internet and digital arena that is ruling. So, similarly, e-learning or e-training can play a vital for corporate learning too. This method of training is cheaper and more convenient than traditional methods. Online courses allow conducting corporate training for personnel anywhere in the world where there is internet access.





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