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How to Improve Website SEO

Improve Website SEO
Are you looking to get a better ranking for your site? You may have noticed that most of your competitors get ahead due to their top appearances in web searches. With the right skills, your site can be at the top too.

Search engines will use every resource you provide to get results for what a user is trying to find. For instance, if you are looking for something on Google, the search engine will display multiple links that cannot fit on the first page.

Naturally, most people will prioritize the results on the first page. After all, the information they need is most likely there.  Fortunately, you can manipulate the Internet to get you to the front page of a search engine. Here are some tips to enhance your website SEO ranking:

Optimize your Keywords

Keyword selection is a significant aspect of search engine optimization. Search engines base their results on the relevant keywords. Once they determine the most appropriate keywords, they rank web pages by considering their use of search terms.

If you are to optimize keywords effectively, the first thing to do is understand them. Keywords describe the message an article intends to relay. You can use single words or phrases. For example, in the search for ‘The best high schools in Chicago’, the words ‘high school’ and ‘Chicago’ seem to be the most relevant.  One would have to insert these words to get the results they are targeting.

Search engines, hence, take into account the most applicable phrases or words when looking for suitable web pages. Once they find the optimized pages, they arrange them in order of relevance and display the best results first.

Therefore, every time you post an article on your website, make sure you put yourself in the readers’ shoes. Ask yourself what words you would use when searching for certain content. These words should guide your choice of keywords.

Remember, nonetheless, that the Internet plays a huge role in determining the keywords on which to focus. For this reason, depending solely on your reasoning may not get you far enough.  You can use keyword search tools to maximize your chances of getting your website to the first page.  Below are some of the tools you can apply:

  • Jaaxy
This tool is highly informative. With Jaaxy, you can access numerous keywords, some of which other websites do not provide.  It has a search engine coverage of over 99%. Besides, you can find out the quality of the keyword, its competitiveness, and the traffic it generates.
Jaaxy offers two paid subscription packages, Pro and Enterprise. However, you can also subscribe to the starter package which offers 30 free charges. Some of the information is only accessible if you subscribe to a paid package. Nonetheless, you still get to see the traffic that a keyword generates for free.

  • Soolve
One key secret to competitive SEO ranking is using unknown yet effective keywords.  Soolve gives you a chance to be at the top by providing such keywords. Like Jaaxy, this tool bases its keyword ideas on a wide research of search engines.  Hence, you can use unique key phrases and generate more traffic than your competition.
Once you search a word or phrase, Soolve generates key phrases from multiple search engines. This site also allows you to drag and save your favorite suggestions for future use. Furthermore, you can find the top keywords for a given day by clicking on the star icon at the top left.

Keep your Website Up-to-Date

Although keywords may give you an impressive ranking, you could find your website’s performance declining as more sites post similar content. Once you come up with a competitive article, don’t stop there. Make a point of visiting the site every once in a while to update it.

You should be sure to add any new information that comes along if it relates to your content. For instance, if you are running a finance website, you should update the data you post on a quarterly or yearly basis. If you post stock data, you must make daily updates to maintain a top spot.

Link Your Site to Social Media Platforms

Take advantage of social media to help you get a wider reach for your website. You can boost your SEO ranking significantly through mentions on several social sites. Give your audience the option to share your content with others by introducing share buttons to your website.

Social media can also boost the traffic for your site. Once your content is on a different site, it gains exposure to readers that may never have otherwise accessed it. Social media sharing lets your readers help you market your content.

Use Outbound Links

The relevance of your content determines the position of your website on search engines. Outbound links can clarify the niche of your content to search engines. This way, your articles appear more relevant and get higher rankings.

When selecting outbound links to add, you should consider their connectedness to your content. Make sure your reader finds the links applicable. Furthermore, you stand a better chance of getting to the top position if you use links to websites with high domain authority.  Such sites have impressive rankings and can be a significant boost for your website. You can use these domain authority checkers:

  • Sitechecker
This tool provides the website score along with the issues that the site needs to fix. However, you can get more information about your website’s SEO status by subscribing to a paid plan. Sitechecker offers packages for startup, growing and business sites.

  • Small SEO Tools
This tool offers free domain authority checks. Once you post a link for checking, you get its domain authority, page authority, and Moz rank.
Small SEO Tools

Assess Your Website Regularly

Once you have achieved your goal, keep in mind that other website owners are trying to get your spot. Maintain your competitive edge by checking on your website often. Remember that there is more to website performance than an appearance at the front page. Hence, it would be better to take a thorough look at your site.

You need a high-quality SEO tool to give you accurate results on the performance of your site. One of the most valuable tools is LeadMirror. You can use it to see your SEO performance and how well you have used certain techniques. 
Furthermore, LeadMirror evaluates the outbound links on your content to show how they contribute to your website SEO. This tool also shows all the issues with your site.
Website Analysis
LeadMirror allows you to use a demo before you subscribe to its services. You can explore the website to have a practical view of what you stand to gain using this website. LeadMirror has three packages. You can get the tailor-made plan to customize your services. The Pro+ and Expert plans offer more sophisticated services.

Using these tips, you will certainly improve your website performance. However, you can achieve a lot more by ensuring that you are a step ahead of your competition. Keep searching the Internet for more knowledge. Connect with successful website owners and bloggers to find out their secrets. You can be one of them too.

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Author- Gladys Nyokabi
Gladys Nyokabi is an SEO writer with a marketing background and expertise in informative content and press releases. She has provided ghost writing services on a variety of niches, her favorite being marketing and technology. Her writing is inspired by her need to create awareness on trending factors and her interest in the dynamic nature of technology.

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