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How to Do Cell Phone Repairs on Your Own


There’s not much worse than a busted phone. And although only a few people had cell phones two decades ago, almost everyone has a smartphone now. That makes broken phones a reality that most people will have to face at some point because all cell phones break down eventually.

Luckily, there are some cell phone repairs that you can do on your own. We’re going to describe how to fix a common problem that is easy to attend to, and how to reset your cell phone if software glitches or app problems have cropped up.

Get Yourself a Tech Kit

A tech kit is a must-have for any budding DIY cell phone repair enthusiast. You can order these kits offline from Amazon, and they typically include multi-headed screwdrivers that are magnetic, so you can keep track of your screws. They offer other helpful tools that you can use to pry open your phone or tinker around under the hood.

Fix a Broken Battery (On a phone where you’re allowed to)

First things first. Some broken batteries will have to be brought to a cell phone repair shop because they are welded onto the body of the phone. Still, many phones allow you to replace the battery itself.

One of the most common issues that phone owners battle is broken batteries. Carefully open up your phone and take out the battery (if your phone allows you to). Set it on a flat surface. If it looks bloated and can’t lay flat on the table or counter on where you placed it, it has probably gotten damaged or too old.

Another clue that you need to fix your battery might be a charge that runs out quickly, or the inability to charge your phone.

The first thing you will want to do is buy a new battery for your phone. It’s important to choose one made for your phone’s make and model specifically. If you don’t you can end up damaging your phone because each make and model has its own power rating, or the battery just won’t fit because the batteries come in different sizes.

If you can, buy batteries where you purchased your cell phone (at the OEM store). If you can’t, do some online searching to find out which battery will be suitable as a replacement.

Carefully, remove the back of your phone. If you have any questions on how to do this, refer to your owner’s manual to see how to remove the back cover correctly.

Take out the old battery, and replace it with a new one by using your fingers gently to lift out the battery. Now, charge your phone. You’re going to need a full charge before you can use it. Be sure not to unplug the phone from the charger during the charging cycle before you use it.

Reset Your Cell Phone

When cell phone software starts to give you serious problems, it’s best to reset your cell phone. This will delete all data on your phone and return it to the way it was when it came out of the factory. Knowing how to do this is useful because most problems with your phone won’t be hardware related anyway. Before you proceed, backup your phone completely so you can restore your data after you have reset your cell phone.

Reset Your iPhone

The best way to reset your iPhones is from the Settings app. This is because you can do this straight from your phone without the help of iTunes on your Mac or PC.

  • Open Settings and tap General
  • Scroll down and hit Reset
  • Select “Erase All Content and Settings”

You’ll now need to confirm that you want to erase everything on your phone. You’ll need to input your lock screen PIN code or passphrase as well as your Restrictions PIN or passphrase if you have one. Your iPhone will erase and restart, which might take a while. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax while your phone restarts. Once it does, you can set it up from scratch or load your backup onto the phone.

Reset Your Android


  • Open up Settings and choose Backup & Reset
  • Backup your data to your Google account
  • Backup your photos to Google Drive
  • Head back to the Settings app
  • Reset your Android from here
  • The instructions can be different depending on your Android manufacturer but there is a basic process you’ll follow from screen prompts
  • Tap on Backup & Reset
  • Select Factory Data Reset
  • Confirm

This will erase all of the data on your Android cell phone, and you can set up the device from scratch, or load the backup data onto your cell phone.

In this article, we have discussed how to fix a cell phone battery that is giving you grief and we have described how to reset your cell phone, which can come in handy when it comes to cell phone repair because many issues are software-related. We hope reading this has saved you a few dollars you ordinarily would have spent at a device repair shop.

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