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HOW TO DESIGN A LOGO? Asked to WP Adventure


A logo is a vital part of every company’s marketing efforts. It stands for what the business represents, it is a peak into your business’s vision, where it is heading and how it connects with the people at large. It is perhaps the first piece of any company’s marketing activities that people see and it is extremely crucial that businesses get it right. After all, there’s only a few moments businesses get to make a great first impression and having a badly designed logo would mean visitors will create a bad first impression and never come back.

Creating a great logo for your business is more than just fancy text and images. This article gives food for thought while crafting a memorable logo. Think about Nike’s swoosh symbol or the McDonald’s golden arches – both logos represent these iconic companies very well. However, more businesses these days are cutting corners on creating this key piece of their identity.

A logo is meant to strengthen the first impression to potential customers. Strong logos build a foundation of loyalty between you and consumers, establish your brand’s character, and provide a professional look that all established enterprises have. A nicely crafted logo has the power to evoke emotions that can sway your customers in doing something.

Whether you’re just starting to build the foundation for your business or you’ve decided to rebrand your company, designing a logo is no easy feat. Many think it’s about drawing circles, typing up your business name, and doing simple chores to come up with a great looking logo. But, there is much more insight that goes into creating a unique logo that represents you to your target audience effectively – it’s literally an art form.

If you are not good at designing, it is best to contact a professional logo designer to help you with it. Due to the constant interaction with business owners, many web design company in Mumbai too will help create a stunning yet professional looking logo for your brand that’ll speak volumes for your own business. Whatever route you undertake, roping in a seasoned logo designer will make all the difference between a logo that looks just about okay and one that looks appropriate and swoon-worthy.

All logos begin with an idea and there are basic elements that go into making a great logo. Some of them are:

a) Memorability

The whole idea of having a great logo is that people remember your business by it. What is the point in having a logo that no one recognizes? Let’s take the case of McDonald’s again. They have such a simplistic yet memorable logo that nobody else is referred to as the “golden arches”

b) Simplicity

People do not have the time and the patience to solve a riddle if that’s what your logo is. Your logo should make a great first impression immediately. If you are expecting your visitors to unearth the hidden design that your logo has incorporated through complicated twists and turns, then you’d be in for a rude shock. Look around and see how some of the biggest brands in the world have simple logos to showcase. When it comes to designing a logo, less is always more.

c) Timeliness

Have you ever thought how your business will look like 20, 30 or 100 years down the line? If you are lucky to have a very well-designed logo, it will be a timeless masterpiece in itself. Take a look at Coca Cola’s logo. They have retained almost the exact design since the very beginning. Timeliness not only provides consistency but also a great recall value for consumers.

d) Relevancy

If you are new to business and have the task of designing a logo, you must take into account your intended audience. That will help you understand how relevant the logo is to them. One of the biggest misconception in logo design is to incorporate the exact element what your business sells. That doesn’t need to be the case. For instance, FedEx logo doesn’t have a truck or an airplane, even though they are a logistical giant. Think about incorporating the core values you have as a business because that will provide a relevant angle to your logo.

e) Suitable colours: Next up the alley is to pick a colour scheme. Colours have enormous power to pschologically trick you into doing something. There is a reason why certain brands have bright red while some others have a sophisticated silver or black logo colour.

Colors can have many different meanings and the science behind them can be complex.

Red is a choice for brands that want to portray a youthful image as the colour stands for anger and excitement.

Orange is a very energetic colour. It exudes playfulness and exuberance. It is a colour that took the world by storm with the ‘orange is the new black’ slogan for a sitcom series.

Green and brown are very rustic in nature and they are versatile in nature. They are usually used by brands to evoke a feeling of sympathy, care and bonding.

Blue is a cool and calm colour that is one of the most popular choice. It brings a sense of trustworthiness and maturity for businesses.

Black and silver are deemed sophisticated colours. They evoke luxury, modernity and a feeling of being out of reach. That commands attention and power.

As you can understand, designing a logo is a very creative process. One that takes a lot of time brainstorming about the core values of a business, a thorough understanding of the intended consumers and a sharp eye for details. Remember, your logo is a vital piece of your brand’s foundation and will be on all promotional materials. So take your time and don’t rush the process.

If you cannot do it yourself, you can always reach out to designers online who are professionals and have years of experience doing it. As a social media marketing company we understand how important a logo is and its impact. Your logo will be used for your web design and development process, social media marketing activities and even your business card. Do it right and you will have customers remembering you for a long time.

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