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How to Contact Facebook Through Email and Phone

There are many different ways to contact Facebook. You can call their office or their employees directly, you can email facebook customer support or to any customer support official email address. Some of these methods do not work for some businesses. Often, large companies shut down some means of communication, either by hiding them or disabling them altogether.

For example, companies such as Facebook have to do just that at any time to make it impossible for them to answer every question. It’s simple math. Facebook has an audience of over one.6 billion monthly active users. Even though one% of those users send in one ticket per month, there are 1,600,000 tickets per month. Facebook has only 44,942 full-time employees. If every one of them was dedicated to Facebook Customer Service number, that would still be 8 tickets per day per employee, including weekends.

Facebook Customer Service Number +1-818-814-8453

This is not Facebook support! There are various reports about exactly what they are, but the most common is that they are a scam company that will Facebook support number, only to have you install malware on your computer and demand payment for their services. If you look at Google’s number, you can see some more evidence. You’ll see that it’s showing some people a “technical support” number, a number for Skype customer service, a number for Flickr, and more. If it was valid, it would not appear as a number for other services altogether. It’s a matter if it’s shown as a support number for another Facebook-owned property, but Skype? Skype is owned by Microsoft and an unaffected company. There is no way that they share customer service numbers.

Now, this number seems a bit more legitimate, and it is actually owned by Facebook. The trouble is that it is a strictly automated system. There is no line at the other end to take a human. Some options ask you to email them, some of them ask you to visit the appropriate support page, and some of them give you instructions on how to fix specific problems. None of them get support from your phone.

There is also a spoofing problem. is number as calling them. Be assured that Facebook will never call you; People calling from this number are spoiling caller ID. They are, of course, a scam. If someone claims you to be Facebook, hang it; They are only trying to steal your personal information and/or money.

Once again, Facebook does not provide any public phone support. The best you are going to get is a Phone Tree to guide you to online pages that offer self-help advice. If any number claims you to be Facebook, or if any person claims that it is Facebook’s office or support, it is a fake number.

The actual valid number is for Facebook’s Department of Housing. This is a compulsory mandatory number for people with disabilities to contact Facebook to apply for their jobs. The number is +1-818-814-8453, but again, it is not a support number. You did not get any help from here.

Facebook Email Support

Some options in the phone tree give you some email addresses that you can try for specific types of support. Some of them are more legitimate than others.

[email protected] is the email address for law enforcement. If you have a law enforcement query or if there is a known cause, you can email this line. not a law enforcement agent, I highly recommend that you do not use this line. The best will be ignored by you; Worst of all, you can get in the way of an investigation and be accused of obstructing justice. Okay, so that there is a little chance, but still; Do not use it, it does not benefit you.

Partners@fb addresses are available to contact the Business Development Department. This is mainly for high-level businesses who may be interested in some kind of partnership like Instagram or Oculus before purchasing Facebook. Individuals with small businesses or support issues will not receive any assistance here.

[email protected] is the other email address for the business department and is more efficient for advertising matters. You may be able tos new people to ask questions and obtain information about their employment. If you are not employed by Facebook, you will not get any help here.

[email protected] is a line specifically for living space for people with disabilities who are hoping to visit the Facebook office or apply for a job on Facebook.This is a list of Facebook email addresses, but still, none of them work for general customer support. I am just assuming that you are here. Maybe I’m wrong. One of these email addresses may be appropriate for the bill you are looking for. If so, I’m happy to help. On the other hand, if you are looking for a genuine customer support email, then you are out of luck.

Other means of support

Facebook’s community forums, as I’ve mentioned before, are a pit of black despair. Hardly anyone helps because it is not a support forum, it is a community forum. It is intended for knowledgeable users to help the less fortunate in ways of mind. Unfortunately, someone has a solution to the problem that survives those forums, so the only people answering the questions are people who don’t know how to help.


Facebook help center

[email protected] If you are going to search the Internet extensively to find a solution to your problem, I recommend setting a search time in the most recent year or the most recent six months. Sometimes an old problem and a new problem show similar symptoms, but the means to fix the old problem depend on the old Facebook design, and the options have been removed. They are terrible for finding old posts because they are completely unpredictable, but will prevent search results if you do not filter them. Honestly, however, the most reliable way to contact Facebook is to use one of the hundreds of support forms and hope that Facebook will see your ticket on time, respond to it and help you.

Facebook team

In fact, not even some of Facebook’s staff is customer support, and many of those who do are dedicated to specific geographic areas or languages. The rest are IT support for managers, data centers, programmers and developers, executives, advertisers, and advertising account managers, and beyond. Support is just one minor aspect of the entire large scale business.

This is why Facebook’s troubleshooting process is a bit slow. If you have any problem, you can google it and contact facebook customer service. If you are lucky, you will often get a good, strong answer on this blog. If you are not, you can reply to the terrible pit of broken English and non-replies on Facebook’s support forums. No one who works officially with Facebook offers a truly relevant answer; They paste all other links into threads or sometimes simple links for documentation. You have people resurrecting three-year threads with problems that have nothing to do with the threads, people posting their unrelated problems as answers to non-solutions from other users, and There is a lot of other weirdness.

If you find yourself dependent on your forums for support, you can give up all hope of resolving your issue. When a real employee works to step in and respond to something, it is usually such a pleasure.

For direct questions, Facebook likes to go through one of your many, many forms when you are avoiding forums and you cannot find information on other websites. They have everything from reporting the page to a million other issues to make the profile memorable.

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