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How to choose the right rehabilitation centre?

rehabilitation in Pune

Picking a rehabilitation centre is an important life-changing move for an addict or his family member. It can seriously make or break the person’s life. Many people suffering from addiction are unable to find the right kind of rehab and therefore, suffer tremendously and sometimes even die. Therefore, it is a serious decision and there are certain facilities that the best rehab centre in Pune must possess. It should be able to provide for all the unique needs of an addict and be fully prepared to guide and handle the person and the situations created. Besides, it should follow treatment procedures that are based on research, science and clinical study. 

Here are some of the parameters that you should keep in mind while picking the right rehab centre. 

  • Addiction treatment is extremely costly and almost at par with chronic diseases or even cancer. It is a serious toll on the family of the patient and sometimes puts them into monetary debt. While choosing a rehabilitation in Pune ensure that they have the right program pertaining to the needs of the patient. Every program should be tailor-made for the need of the person starting from the admission to treatment and finally care after release. For instance, just as it is not possible to take a cancer patient to just about any hospital, similarly you cannot take an addict to any other hospital in the neighbourhood. 
  • The location of the rehabilitation best rehab in Pune is crucial to its success. It has been observed that it is best to send the patient away from their regular environment. This often helps them to recover quickly because it omits the reasons for which they took to addiction in the first place. The environment should be completely peaceful since it helps in the recovery of the patient. Also, the change in the geographical condition helps in controlling the urge to indulge in addiction because they are unsure of the surrounding and cannot venture far from the centre. 
  • Patients can be kept in single gender rehabs or co-ed rehabs depending on the condition of the addiction. Substance abuse leads to the numbing of senses for the other gender or intimacy. But as the patients recover these come back and can sometimes create problems in treatment. For adults it is better to get hold of a place that has only one gender of inhabitants. This helps in maintaining focus and recovering steadily. 
  • The length of stay at the rehabs is variable depending on the condition of the patient. For instance, patients who have been long-time addicts need to stay for a longer duration that others. The detox process is very important and follows a strict regime. Patients have to be kept in that stringent atmosphere for the treatment to take effect. Doctors can tell how long the patient needs to stay. 
  • Many patients suffer from more than one kind of addiction or disorder. Such people have to be moved to a different rehabilitation in Pune where these multiple issues are handled.   

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