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How To Choose The Perfect Dream Wedding Venue

Once in the middle of an ordinary life love gave us a fairytale

Have you always been fascinated by the fairytale stories? Have you waited for the perfect timing to fall head over heels in love with your prince charming? Did you always looked forward to having your own fairytale wedding where you tie the knots of love with your prince charming and embark on the journey towards a happily ever after. For having a fairytale wedding you need to book a wedding venue one that is a mystical place offering a picturesque view.

Right from castles, forts, to havelis, hotels a plethora of wedding venues choices are available in the wedding market. With the number of choices available picking out the ideal venue is a dainty task. No matter in which part of the country you get hitched the right choice of a wedding venue is what adds oomph to a wedding. A wedding venue plays host to the myriad of wedding rituals and ceremonies. Are you in quest of best wedding venues in Kolkata, Mumbai or wherever you’re seeking to tie the knot? Looking for the perfect dream wedding venue that would transform your fairytale into a reality? Confused about the selection? Then to help you out we have brought for you a checklist that would steer your search for the ideal wedding venue in the right direction.

  1. Location

The first factor that should be taken into consideration whilst booking of a wedding venue is the location. A wedding venue should be located in the close proximity from the nearby place. Reaching the wedding venue should be convenient enough for your invitees. A wedding venue located on the outskirts of the city with lack of good transportation facilities would be difficult to locate by the guests and the invitees as well. You would not want your invitees to get stranded in the centre of nowhere by selecting a location that is situated at a far off place.

  1. Size Matters

Trust us nothing feels worse than being stranded in a cramped wedding venue. The size of the wedding venue matters the most. The size of the wedding venue depends on the number of wedding guests you’re expecting. If you’re expecting for a massive turnout of guests at your wedding then a farmhouse or resort wedding works best for you. If you’re planning for having an intimate wedding and wish to keep it a private affair then a hotel or marriage garden works best.

  1. Theme

Whether you’re having fairytale wedding or a rustic one wedding venue selection should be one that adds oodles of charm to the wedding. Traditional weddings have become a concept of the past. Themed weddings have become a concept of the modern times. Right from rustic, fairytale to fusion and royal a variety of wedding themes are available to select from. Themes act as framework for the weddings and a wedding venue should be able to incorporate the theme in the decoration.

  1. Services And Amenities

What add uniqueness to the wedding venue is its services and amenities. Many wedding venues like hotels, resorts offer in house services like decoration, catering and even offer wedding planning services. For clients who along with booking the wedding venue also opt for their other services the venue offers additional discounts. So in order to save on a few bucks while booking a wedding venue look for the services and amenities that they offer.

  1. Ambience

A wedding venue should offer a pleasing ambience. A shady ambience can overshadow the charm of your grand décor thus making your wedding to look dull. A pleasant ambience can uplift the entire mood of the wedding.

  1. Availability

After much hunting for the wedding venues finally you find the ideal one but when you try booking them you realize that they have run out of dates. So in order to avoid the glitch consider booking for the wedding venue in advance. Prebooking of the wedding venue also helps you to grab on the early bird discount rates offered.

Have you found your perfect wedding yet? Tell us in the comments below about your wedding venue selection.




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