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How to Choose the Best Bassinet Mattress for Your Baby?

Choosing the right bassinet mattress for your baby is extremely important as it contributes to the quality of the sleep your baby will be getting. Shopping for a bassinet mattress can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the right knowledge about it. Therefore, before you hit the shopping mall, take a couple of minutes to read this article that tells you everything you need to look for in a bassinet mattress.

The Material Of the mattress

The first and foremost thing that you should look for is the material of the mattress. Following are some of the material of the top available in bassinet mattress – 

  1. Foam – It is the least expensive and lightweight option that provides excellent support. 
  2. Coil Sprung – It is a conventional mattress choice of many parents across the world. These mattresses as the name suggest having an interior with coil-sprung layered with felt padding or foam.
  3. Pocket Sprung – Springs in these mattresses come with a pocket that adds to the longevity and support. They come with an expensive price tag. 
  4. Double-Sided – This is a mattress that grows in use with your baby. The firmer side is used from birth till the baby is in pre-school and the softer side is used when the child gets older.


The bassinet mattress must be select comes with adequate breathability to regulate the temperature of your baby. A breathable mattress will make sure there is enough sweat to absorb the heat and keep your mattress dry and baby healthy. Moreover, choose the anti-allergenic mattress, if dust is something that concerns you. You can also invest in a hypoallergenic mattress cover that can be easily removed and washed.

Get the Right Fit

You don’t want your baby to get their limbs stuck around the sides; therefore you have to choose the right fit of the bassinet mattress. You have to make sure there is not more than 3 cm of a gap around the sides or edges. Get the measurement of your bed before you head to the store to buy the bassinet mattress for your baby. 

Independent Certification

Bassinet mattresses sold in the United States of America must adhere to specific safety standards laid out by the American Society of Testing and Materials. So always look for independent certification to ensure that the mattresses are paid with quality, care, and precision. Mattresses cost a lot of money and this certification ensures that your hard-earned money gets invested in a good place. 100% organic is also another label that you should be looking for to ensure that there no harmful chemicals on the baby mattress. 

There you have it some useful tips that will help you the perfect bassinet mattress for your baby. Make sure that you check both online and offline stores to assess your options. Lastly, always opt for quality bassinet mattress even though it means that you have to shed extra money; because it is not your baby’s health and quality sleep.

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