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How to Become a Stress-Free Wholesale Electronics Distributor?


Every day, we see so many individuals trying to set up their business. But among those thousands of entrepreneurs, only a few are brilliant and smart enough to set up their stress-free business! How come people still find a way in this competitive world? How come they remain stress-free being an entrepreneur? We have got an answer to it!

Let us start with an example. One of our business friends was stepping into a wholesale electronics distributor’s business. He was initially worried about how he can remain stress-free and at times can just handle the whole business sitting at home or somewhere on this beautiful pleasant earth.

He selected the option of getting into the drop-ship facilities provided by thousands of delivery portals. In that case, he avoided the burden of storing bulk quantity at his workshop and also avoided the risk of delivering the orders to the client. He just concentrates on order management and business development. The rest of the work related to delivery is handled by the delivery partner.

This brings us to the main discussion on how you can manage a stress-free business.

Are you someone who is aiming to start an e-commerce website? Or are you already in a business and planning to expand your business and worried about how to deliver and store the products?

For all this question, drop-ship is the right way to go.

What exactly is drop-ship?

Drop-shipping allows you to merge with a supplier. You can display the products on your portal. If we say it in other words, you simply are selling their products.

When there is any order received on your portal, the supplier will be responsible to deliver the product directly to the customer. The product delivered to the customer never comes in your hand.

Drop-shipping is the only way where you can sell bulk products without any hesitation. Also, you can offer more products directly to the end customer and at the same time without any stress.

You may find many drop-shipping organizations as per your needs. Like there might be the best wholesale drop-shipping company, best drop-shipping company for medicinal transport, best drop-shipping company for delivering the food items, etc. It totally depends on your requirements and budget.

These drop-shippers often go for a yearly contract. It depends on how you and they merge for the betterment of the business.

There are a number of options available to drop-ship your products like Alibaba or Salehoo who themselves have a lot many suppliers listed on their marketplaces. Many more drop-shippers that are available at present are listed below.

  • Doba
  • Wholesale2B
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Wholesale Central
  • Dropship Direct
  • Sunrise Wholesale
  • MegaGoods
  • InventorySource
  • National Dropshippers

It isn’t easy for someone to compete in this world being new. There is a ton of competition and often you are competing with the major brands or leading brands in the market. For example, if you are planning to sell Men’s wear on your portal, then possibly you will be competing with companies like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. However in this case, if you are successful in finding the right niche, right geographical location & right audience who might be interested in your product, then drop-shipping will be beneficial. You can then draw your path of success easily.

Since there are a lot of drop-shippers available in the market, it is necessary for you as a business person (consider, for example, Wholesale Electronics Distributor), you need to go through the advantages and disadvantages of all the best wholesale drop-shipping companies present in the market. This will indirectly help you to select the best drop-shipper and also help you to get the best price for the product you are planning to sell on your platform.

Considering the same example of being a Whole Electronics Distributor, you can utilize the below list of drop-shippers in one or multiple ways to set up your portal working in the market.

  • Albany Distributing, Cost Tag, D&H, Laptop Plaza, Novatech, Hypercel, Unique, Reiko, etc.

So, let us not waste a single minute being someone who is planning to set up a business in this competitive world. Just focus on business and how can we make it more efficient, effective, reliable, and stress-free. 


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