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How The Quality of Light Affects The Quality of Life?

Hey, are you reading this article with dim lights switched on inside your cozy room? Well, that is something ubiquitous in today’s modern light scenario. LEDs have replaced the traditional incandescent lightings. LEDs have become today’s good light according to the people, but how much truth is this?

You would have often heard the photographers mentioning the “Good lights,” but this article is not about that “good light,” we mean here, “good quality of lights.” 

The very first relationship humans have today in the digitized world is with the lighting (artificial and natural both). A “good light” basically goes much more beyond the visual effects, image, intensity, or anything. Surprisingly, it has a lot to do with psychology, mood, and overall look and feel. The lighting of the house can actually add value and completely change your day.

Well, unimaginable designs and types of electric lights have transformed the way of living and impart stimuli inside the body, just like the natural sunlight. 

Also, since the world is moving past these energy-saving lamps, it is expected that artificial light might have a negative impact on life. Square d circuit breakers have a lot to do in maintaining the quality of light supply inside the house. A bad quality breaker can actually break or cause flickering of light, and this may be hazardous to the light-sensitive people. Do you wish to find out more about how the quality of light matters for a healthy life? Keep scrolling… 

Known to everybody but overlooked by many, artificial light is made up of visible light, ultraviolet light, and infrared radiation. The penetration of these radiations is a major concern because they can be harmful to eyes and skin both. If we believe the sources, it says that LEDs and compact fluorescent lamps have led to harmful symptoms and are responsible for an array of diseases. 

High amounts of exposure lead to the risk of skin cancer development or squamous cell carcinoma or basal cell carcinoma. 

If a person working in the night shift is exposed to artificial light throughout the night, the chances of developing breast cancer. Additionally, it can also cause sleep deprivation, gastrointestinal disorder, mood swings, and many more. 

Additionally, room areas where lighting is not appropriate or doesn’t lit properly can cause circuit trips, falls, or strained eyes. 

Does lighting affect your emotions?

Difficult to believe, but lighting does affect the mental well-being of a person. Perfect lighting generates positive emotions, while an imperfect does vice-versa. However, short-term exposure effects are quite negligible. You can actually inquire with the manufacturer and get detailed information on the light emission from each model.

Now let us understand more about the quality of light. The three prime qualities of light are brightness, saturation, and hue. Brightness refers to the amount of light source illuminated, and this has a great potential to intensify the emotion. 

A low-intensity light doesn’t mitigate the emotion but just helps in keeping the impulse steady. With low-intensity light, you are enabled to take more focused, composed, and rational decisions. 

Saturation refers to the intensity of the light colour. Highly saturated hues usually speed up the emotions where else normal colours usually decrease the emotion. 

Hue is the colour shade. Natural light definitely makes you feel fresh, motivated, and happier, but artificial lights evoke various emotions. Blue & white generally make you feel rejuvenated, while red or amber coloured light improves mental health. If a human body is exposed to the blue or white light during bedtime, it suppresses the melatonin level. On the contrary, red light contributes to the release of melatonin during bedtime, which is responsible for better sleep. 

Green colour stimulates growth hormone and helps in strengthing muscles. It can boost tranquillity, fertility, safety, and ambition.

Purple lighting can be used to reduce emotional and mental stress. It is a symbol of royalty, power, luxury, wisdom, mystery, and romanticism. 

White is for peace, innocence, cleanliness, and yellow is to bring warmth, optimism, jealousy, and intellect.  

A variety of products can be found at any of the well-known lighting stores in Canada, and the selection of the right light makes you feel good about everything. Select the one that provokes a positive feeling and creates an amicable ambience. 

Author: I am Shreya Singh, a professional writer & blogger. I have an experience of more than three years. I always look for new things in writing and content curation. I have expertise in writing SEO- Friendly Content about Education, Technology And Business.


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