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How Social Media Marketing Software can make or break your brand image?

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Great social media marketing softwares streamlines all your social media related tasks in one place.

Consider social media softwares such as Facebook; once you start using it, you can’t imagine your life without it ever again.

Sure, there’s an abundance of social media tools out there. But then, just like you buy a new car, only after scrutinizing the critical features like airbags, radio, and seatbelts, similarly, there are certain features you should keep in mind before choosing the right social media marketing software for your business.

So, what is a social media marketing tool?

The social media marketing tool can be best explained as a platform from which businesses can reach audiences on multiple social media platforms. You can post content and also interact with your audience all at once, from one dashboard.

Benefits of social media marketing software
  • Streamlines your multiple social media account
  • Reduce the time required to manage
  • Find relevant leads
  • Reach out to similar brands
  • Reduces the cost of marketing
  • Schedule your content on different platforms
  • Keep an eye on your brand growth on multiple platforms
Features of social media marketing software
Social media Monitoring

Monitoring your social media platforms is as essential as posting regularly on them. Monitoring feature allows users to keep an eye on the competition as well as let them know about the growth of their profiles. This way, the company can participate in discussions that are going on in some online forums, which could prove beneficial to them.


The availability of the audience on different social media channels is different. To make an impact, and to draw maximum mileage from these platforms, you need to post at particular times of the day when visitor availability is at its maximum.

The social media marketing tool is also programmed to send alert notifications as to when it will publish the post. Buffer is one of the free tools which offers this.


Social media marketing tools can significantly increase post engagement with audiences. It can make suggestions based on similar accounts to your category as to what type of content you should use to gain more attention.


The only way to know whether social media account is growing or not is to analyze the data collected. Social media marketing tool provides you with accurate analytics from each of your social media account.

You should set goals for each social media of your business, using analytics from the tool, and so you can track your progress and know if you are reaching those goals or not.


Crafting posts around relevant keywords for your niche is the best way to gain more and more audience. Social media marketing tools can provide you with relevant keywords so that your posts can rank on top.

With the right keywords, your audience can easily find you on any platform.

Social media Advertisement

Advertisements are one of the best methods to increase your social media reach. Also, in social media marketing tools, you have the ability to oversee your active marketing campaigns.

Showcasing your ads next to your organic posts can increase your chances of finding your ideal customer, and using the social media tool, you can track the success of your ads. If you are not managing your social ads through social media marketing tool, then you are not using it properly.

Media Library

Visually attractive posts do better on social media as most people don’t have the time to read a 1000 words post. Thus managing and curating all the images and videos is very important.

Create libraries with posts that have done well in the past, and you can then edit them and repurpose for new content. You can create infographics about “how-to” posts from the images that you already have stored.

Issues faced while using social media tool

Social Media marketing software, despite having all the useful features, can require significant investments from businesses. For small businesses, the investment of $100 per month can be a lot of money, and also that money can be invested in a lot more essential things like paying industry experts.


Many providers offer their social media platforms for free use, but it happens much time that they are littered with loopholes in terms of security. This leads to many spammers infiltrating into your social media platforms.

Therefore before registering for the use of a free social media marketing platform, check the review about the product online and conduct thorough research.

Bad Image

When you have a brand that hundreds and thousands of people follow, it is essential to keep on eye on posts that can damage your brand image. It is important here that a company hires experts who can manage to prevent a negative image. A lousy brand image can’t just hurt your sales; it can make consumers doubt their decision regarding the brand.

Summing up

There are a lot of social media platforms out there and so developing a social media strategy that works on all those platforms can be difficult. Therefore, I would suggest trying first on which platform you are getting better more results.

Then you can shift your primary focus on that platform only while regularly posting on other platforms also. This way, you can build a loyal customer base who trusts your brand.

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