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How I Used My Old Tablet After Getting Repair?


My old tablet was collecting dust in my dresser drawer. That still didn’t mean I wasn’t bummed out when I dropped it, shattering the screen into pieces.

After heading to the local shop to get phone screen repair near me I didn’t want the money I spent to go to waste and vowed to use my tablet again. I looked into it, and there are a bunch of ways you can re-use an old tablet do different things. All you need is an old tablet (with a working screen) and maybe an app.

I ultimately used my tablet to serve as an alarm clock after downloading the app Early Bird Alarm Clock – a Google Play Store Editor’s choice app. You can set up as many alarms as you want for different days of the week with this app using any song of your choice. I mounted it up right next to my bed.

Here are some other cool ways you can use your old tablet:

Use Your Tablet To Keep an Eye on Your Pet

You can download an app like Haven (a super cool security app by Edward Snowden) and set it up to keep an eye on your dog when you leave the apartment. Haven uses an old device as a surveillance tool so you can use the tablet in any area you’d like to keep an eye on – a college dorm, a baby crib, and more.

Use Your Tablet To Keep Your Family Organized

If your day to day life is crazy, making it hard to keep doctors appointments, or to buy the right items from the right store, you can set up an organization center. Set it up to rest on the fridge in the kitchen – the hub of your home. Good apps to use for this organization center might be ColorNote, Google Keep, or Google Calendar.

Use Your Tablet to Cook

Pinterest is a fan favorite for collecting recipes, so if you are using your tablet to cook, this app is a must-have.  You can mount your tablet under your counter and use note-taking apps like Evernote to scan paper recipes, clip websites, or jot down notes on recipes you are making. When you mount it under the counter, you’ll keep it safe from food while you are cooking.

Use Your Tablet as a Giant Remote Control

OK, trying to use a remote control app for a smart TV on a cell phone is really annoying! My thumbs are too big for that mess! If your phone screen is too tiny and frustrating to use as a remote too, you can install the Roku Remote, Kore, the remote for Kodi, or the corresponding app you’d use with your smart TV. (I considered using my tablet for this after I got phone screen repair near me).

Entertain your Passengers

VLC Media Player may be the king of all media apps. You can install this and keep a couple of videos on your tablet mounted to the back of your car seat to entertain your passengers. You won’t need wi-fi to enjoy a movie if you are using video files.

Use Your Tablet to Feed Your Social Media Addiction

Admit it – you’ve got a problem. Or maybe you need to keep an eye on your social media channel for work. You can use apps to create dedicated social media streams that you can easily access on your old tablet.

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