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How Hair Vitamins Help You To Mesmerizing Black Hair

No matter how genetically blessed you are in the hair department, there are a lot of environmental factors that undo it. These factors like stress, pollution and dust are the main cause of lack-lustre hair. They not only take away the natural beauty of one’s hair but also damages it to the point of breakage. 

Mesmerizing hair begins with healthy hair filled with strength. The vitamins and minerals richly found in the food we eat are chiefly responsible for helping our hair get back its healthy look. This is how the vitamins repair and replenish the gorgeousness back in our hair.

Vitamin A For Moisturisation

Moisturized scalp is the basis of healthy and shiny hair. Lifeless hair can bring down an entire look and dryness can be a real issue for hair lacking in moisture. A healthy amount of sebum production is necessary for the hair to retain the moisture and sport a sheen that sparkles in the sun. Vitamin A derivatives are the perfect source for long lustrous hair with good oxygen circulation. A balanced diet with ample amounts of vitamin A makes sure that hair loss problems are kept at bay. This ensures longer and fuller hair for long. 

Biotin Or Vitamin B7 For Damage Repair

This is among extremely popular hair vitamins among people who want thick, envious hair. This vitamin is specifically targeted towards hair and making it stronger and fuller. It can be taken as a constituting vitamin in food by including it in the daily diet or there are a number of health supplements available in the market. It ability to disintegrate protein into amino acids strengthens the hair. Weak and damaged hair from heating, drying and styling can be repaired with this vitamin upto a large extent. This is probably the best vitamin that is recommended by professionals for mesmerizing hair.

Vitamin C For Hair Growth

An overall development of hair includes not only repairing the existing hair and hair follicles but also maintaining the conditions for newer hair to grow. Hair is mainly made up of protein and this hair vitamin produces collagen, a protein, that is an important constituent of hair. Collagen is responsible for producing antioxidants absorbing qualities of  and it repels the free radicals from the environment to protect the hair for heat damage. This helps in growth of hair at a faster rate to make up for the damage caused to it. 

Vitamin D To Prevent Hair Loss

We know that sunlight is important for hair as it is a source of vitamin D. What a lot of us do not know is that vitamin D deficiencies are also more commonly found among all hair vitamins. A lot of hair loss treatments use this vitamin for treating brittle hair to transform it into thick hair. Luscious mane is the center of attraction of beauty and vitamin D helps protect the hair on our head as a crown. It is important to keep pace with daily vitamin D requirements for the body. 

Vitamin E For Strengthening The Hair

It is a known fact that vitamin E is counted among the best hair vitamins for maintaining the health of hair. Massaging hair with vitamin E oil is one of the best ways to promote oxygen circulation and stimulating the hair follicles to prepare them for the oncoming damage. It locks in the moisture in the hair to make it look supple and bouncy. The roots of the hair become stronger because of this vitamin. It banishes dryness and roughness to sport long hair that is full of life.  

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