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How Does Yoga Poses Provide Strength to Your Legs and Thighs?

An age old practice that originated in India has today become the boon that the world needs. Yoga is a very effective practice that treats your body and mind to regain conscious flow of thought, awareness of the senses, strengthening of the body and healing incurable ailments and illnesses.

In extensive medical researchers conducted in prestigious medical organizations all around the world, yoga has proven its might and effectiveness in cases that dealt with stress related mental disorders, arthritis, breathing ailments and a general betterment of the human well being.

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Yoga was originally founded by the ancient saints and yogis of India, in order to reach that form of existence which is spiritual in nature. To connect with the spiritual self, one had to go about with a lengthy process of surrender and sacrifice of any kind of attachment that one had with the materialistic, man-made world which would give them a better chance at controlling their senses and desires after which they could start to prepare themselves for the “UNION”.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that translates to “The Union”. The union signifies the union of the mind and the body to acknowledge the spiritual beings we are. And people may wonder now, what is the great excitement about reaching a spiritual self? For them, reaching a spiritual self is to be in perfect synchronization and awareness of the energies within and around you. These energies are what we may understand partially as the magnetic field in different things, and these are the energies that have held our world together as we know the world to be as of now. It is a complex process of bringing your body to understand and be one with the rhythm of this unique synchronization of things.

However yoga is not all about the spiritual self and has helped people in today’s date to reach a harmonious balance of health and happiness in daily lives. Yoga is taught in many international destinations apart from India, but you will learn the best from the land of the origin of this practice. There are plenty of yoga schools in India, yoga training in India that tend to a large number of yoga enthusiasts who come in search of yogic knowledge. Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh happens to be the best training courses you will get your hands on.

Yoga has multiple benefits and one of them is that it helps naturally strengthen and growth of the muscles and joints of the leg and thighs. For athletes this is a very beneficial practice. Here are a few yoga poses that help in making the legs and thighs stronger and more flexible:

  1. The chair pose:

 Start by standing straight with a straight spine and raising your arms above your head straight like your stance.

  • Now bend your knees forward, and push your hips backwards while facing ahead.
  • Stay in this pose for as long as you can breathe freely and comfortably.
  1. The standing frog pose:

 Start by spreading your legs apart as much as you can while your back is straight and hands folded into a Namaste.

  • Now bend your knees and sit in an imaginary chair while your legs are wide apart and bent in.
  • Your body may slightly push forward due to the stance, but stay in this pose for as long as you can breathe freely and comfortably.
  1. The leaning crescent pose:

 Start by standing straight and raising both your arms above your head.

  • Now bring your right leg 3 steps ahead of where you are positioned and bend at the knees as if your whole body weight falls on the knees and your left leg is curved behind you, supporting the stance.
  • Now straighten your left leg from the curve and provide support to the stance.
  • Bend your body from the waist so that your upper body is in alignment of the straight line that the left leg is forming.
  • Stay in this pose for as long as you can breathe freely and comfortably.
  1. The squat pose:

 Squat your lower body o that the entire bodyweight falls on the soles of your feet and the hips while bringing your hands in a Namaste.

  • Look forward and breathe freely and comfortably.

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