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How Does Neurosurgery Help in Diagnosis of Brain Tumor?

A collection of abnormal cell collections in an individual’s brain which is surrounded by a rigid wall is known as a brain tumor. People exposed to ionizing radiation are more prone to having a brain tumor which can either be malignant or general lump which goes away with medications. Some early-stage symptoms include headache, the problem with vision, personality disorder or seizures. It is extremely foolish to wait and you should immediately see a neurosurgeon in Delhi who can cure you absolutely if the medication is started at an early stage. If you are wondering about how the doctor is going to diagnose you and what are the procedures you have to undergo, this article will enlighten you on the topic.

  1. When you visit a doctor with your symptoms, he will talk to you about your and your family’s medical history to link the signs up with it. He will make you undertake some physical tests to get a hint of what disease you may have.

  2. The doctor will press on the nerve that connects your eye to the brain and watch whether it swells, which indicates you may have a tumor. He will also do multiple tests to see your strength, muscle power, reflex, and concentration, as the brain is controlling all of it.

  3. If he becomes sure that you may have a lump in your brain, he will ask you to undertake a CT scan or an MRI or both. In a CT scan, an x-ray machine is linked with the computer, which shows the full picture of the brain. Tissues of the brain can be significantly pointed out by injecting a special fluid in one of the veins, which is done in some exceptional cases. For MRI, a magnet of excessive-high power is linked to the computer. It is much useful a technology as it helps the doctor to see through the skull, tissues, and bones and figure where is the tumor exactly located.

  4. Some special fluid which is injected in a person’s tissue to get angiogram done. In this x-ray, the doctor can recognize the blood vessels, which is leading to the tumor. Also, if the doctor feels that the tumor may be located on the spinal cord, he may advise undertaking the myelogram test where the patient is being injected with a dye and is tilted so that it gets mixed with the fluid. A neurosurgeon in Delhi will guide you through all the process and will advise you to take the right test so that it is easier to diagnose.

  5. After being sure about what is wrong, the neurosurgeon in Delhi will conclude whether to operate the lump at the earliest or it can be treated with medicines and whether it can be malignant or not.

It is safest to visit the neurosurgeon in Delhi if you are suffering from any of the brain tumor symptoms so that you can start the proper medications as early as possible and get cured in a jiffy!

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