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How crucial it is to learn Python for Data science?

Owing to rapid advances in digital technology data generation capacity of the world has increased to several zettabytes. Thus, business organizations too have to come up with advanced technologies to acquire, store and process massive volumes of data. Thus, the role of data scientists has also become indispensable.

The demand for data scientists will increase by 28% within 2020- according to a study by IBM!

Data science is now applied to a variety of fields such as the health care system, fraud detection, intelligence gathering, sports research and many more. Eventually the demand for data scientists has also increased at a phenomenal rate making it a very lucrative career opportunity for many who desire high paying jobs and aspire to grow uninterrupted.

However, Data science is a complicated field requiring expertise in STEM subjects and most importantly Data science aspirants must be adept in using High level programming languages. In this regard it is very important to discuss whether a Python data science course is beneficial!

Popularity of Python!

Over the last few years Python’s popularity has risen significantly. In 2016, it topped the charts of O’Reily survey which reported over 54% data scientists using Python. TIOBE has been continuously reporting the rise of Python’s popularity. Kaggle surveyed 16000 data scientists and found out that over 87% of the participants use Python for data science regularly. Another interesting observation was made by Quartz that Stack Overflow saw more than 1million unique visitors querying about Panadas (a popular Python library) in October 2017 alone!

So, why makes Python so popular among data scientists?

It has been remarked by several experts that Python is like a ‘Swiss army knife’ offering several advantages with a singly package. Let us discuss some of those advantages:

  • Easy to learn and simple to apply!
    Among all the high-level programming languages, it is beyond doubt that Python is the easiest of all. Its syntax is fairly simple and is very flexible for users to memorize and use efficiently. This is one of the reasons why beginners in data science choose Python. Even if you do not have any knowledge of programming previously, you will be able to learn and use Python within no time.
  • Dedicated libraries, tailor-made for various data science operations

Python boasts over 70K dedicated libraries which are instrumental in performing important data science tasks like data wrangling, data manipulation, data visualization. Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib are very popular in the world of data science.

  • Open-source and great support

Python is open-source which means it can be used freely and for this reason innumerous analytics firms and data science teams all around the world. Moreover, there is a great online support community of Python consisting of developers and data scientists who are continuously sharing ideas and helping each other.

Owing to such advantages and popularity Python stands out to be an essential tool to learn in data science. In countries like India, most data science job postings mention Python and therefore you must go for a Python data science course!

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