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7 Effective Home Cleaning Tips for 2019

home cleaning

When it comes to dusting it is usually a matter that happens every day if you take into consideration of the household tasks that you usually will have to do. Dust can spread everywhere, from that of the furniture to the wall fixtures even to your ceiling creating this cleaning task a more tedious one.

Along with keeping the dust to minimum you also need to use the cordless backpack vacuum for some effective cleaning.

Today we are going to share some of the best home dusting tips that would generally keep the level of dust to its minimum:

1. Microfibre Cloths is better than the Dusting Rags!

The microfiber clothes are electrostatically charged which is why they are the best cleaning duster in comparison to that of the other dusting rags. Though you use cordless backpack vacuum cleaners, these microfiber clothes are also considered the best cleaning tool.

These clothes will effectively clean off the dust and the dirt from the surfaces without transferring them to other places. The reason behind it is its element of higher absorbency. For wiping off the furniture and lamps along with the other fixtures they prove to be the best cleaning option.

2. Keep your Gloves On, Dust Off

Cleaning gloves has evolved as the best dusting too that is out there in the market today. They are the best in cleaning the surfaces and this is quite effective when you have several shelves at home.

You can also make a great use of the fabric gloves to that of the old oven mitts as your best alternative along with the usage of cordless backpack vacuum. If you want to clean a greater amount of dust all you need is to wet the gloves and squeeze of the water that is extra prior to dusting.

3. Cleaning Ceiling Corners and Door Frames

Here the one that we generally tend to use is the long-handled broom to remove dust and cobwebs from the nooks and crannies. All you need here is to pull in a sock at the top end of the mop of a long handled broom with the use of a rubber band around the end of the sock for effective cleaning.

You can also make use of the commercial cordless backpack vacuum cleaners if you find this tip to be a moderate one.

4. Keep Your Screens Dust-Free!

When it comes to the dust-magnets it is usually the computer and television screens. The dust seems to resettle on the screen almost instantly after cleaning. All you need is to clean the screen from side to side with the use of a dryer sheet.

You can well reduce the static electricity therefore helping your screen in repelling the dust for better amount of days with the use of fabric softener sheets that are for the reduction of static electricity.

5. When Cleaning Blinds, Sock it to Em!

Every window and the blinds in home are thereon every slat to collect dust as this generally takes a while to clean. It does not require redoing of all while you need to give way to wipe down onto them.

By following this cleaning shortcut you can well you can effective clean off the dust as all you need is to take an old sock and spray onto it a bit of dusting spray and slide them across the slats from the start till the end.

6. Get the Shine Back in Your Glass

The window panes, the glass surfaces, fixtures as well as the ornaments in your house are places where dust can generally accumulate on them creating dullness on their shine. But, here water will not be the effective cleaner here.

All you need is to soak the fabric gloves on the window cleaner and all you need is to start to wipe them off and this way you can re-ignite the shine on them as you wipe off the dust and the stains that are there.

You can also keep one glove to wipe them off dry and the other to shine ahead with the window cleaner and this is trying when the dust gets dragged around the same.

7. Never Leave Out the Nooks and Crannies

The hard end places are usually hard to hands reach and these places are often avoided by all. But these nooks and crannies are the places in which the dust bunnies usually gather around. You can dust off between the narrow spaces, as well as the corners and other nooks with the use of an old toothbrush. There are many ways to prevent dust from entering home.

If you merely choose to have the implementation of the cleaning tops dusting will usually not take up much of your time here. You can well clean every surfaces with the help of the tips that we have shared with you today!

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