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Google Tools For Enhancing Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital Marketing Agency

There are various digital marketing tools available in the market that will help you in creating the right strategy to make the valuable presence of your business in the online world. By implementing the right technology, you can easily zoom past your competitors. Some digital marketing tools are foundational such as email marketing, analytics, and CRM. Other tools are specialized such as keyword rank trackers. If you want to take your marketing strategy to the next level, then you should use the following marketing tools. These tools are a must for any Digital Marketing Agency. These tools let you track your tips and tricks.

Digital Marketing Agency

1. HubSpot Marketing

There are various HubSpot tools that help to grow a digital marketer. If you are a beginner, then you can use the free version of these tools, By using Hubspot tool, you can set up web forms, live chat software to grab your potential leads. You can start your email marketing campaign, send you data with the help of free CRM and also observe the behavior of your site visitor. If you move on to the paid version, then you can easily implement different marketing tricks.

Hubspot lets you manage your content, social media campaigns, track your emails, and also help you to get your potential leads. In simple words, we can say that HubSpot is one solution for various digital marketing needs.

2. Ahrefs

This another SEO tool that helps in gearing up our website traffic. This tool has data for approximately 150 million keywords that are used in various countries.

This tool is perfect for competitive analysis, and let you check out the right keywords that are linking to your website products or services. You can find your competitor’s top pages and more. With the help of the Content Gap tool, you can find out key weaknesses in your content.

3. Proof

The proof tool helps you to connect to your CRM or website. Also, it leverages social proof to increase the conversion rate on your website.

This tool is comprised of various enticing features such as Live Visitor Count and Hot Streak notification. These two features help you to increase the good preception of customers towards your brand. With this tool, you will get to know how potential customers respond to your products or services. In addition to this, you can easily install it.

4. Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace is a tool that helps in reflecting your brand on surveys. This tool will help in improving the user experience of a person who has visited your website. Also, you can raise new questions and include new images as required.

5. Yoast

Yoast is a widely used plugin that can boost both Gutenberg and Classic editor in WordPress. This is a perfect tool that will let you easily organize your content so that it appears high search engine result pages.

This tool lets you choose the fine content, effective focus keyword, content URLs, and internal links for more boost. These tools also help in evaluating the readability of your tool. This plugin is updated every two weeks so that you keep in touch with the latest google algorithm.

6. Slack

All businesses prefer to use Slack as a preferred mode of communication.

This communication app operates in channels that are specifically designed for a certain type of information. This app lets your employers communicate without getting distracted or cut-off. It let the whole organization work as a team and also lets the managers easily communicate with team members.

It is one of the best tools for meeting other people in the digital marketing field and also lets you join some optimum channels for communication.

7. Trello

Trello is a kind of content management tool that helps the various organization to strategize their content. This tool helps people to find out the best way to optimize their content.

There are various reasons that Trello is very appealing and one of the biggest reasons is that it is freely available for small teams. This tool offers a visual tool to find creative ideas

8. Canva Business

This tool offers a drag and drops design platform to users that can create images with the help of custom pictures, shapes, icons and fonts from the Canva catalog. This tool also offers a visual appeal, simple way to create your logos, images, graphs and many more, This all this are required for doing SEO.

In addition to this, Canva also cut down the requirement of an experienced designer. This tool lets you easily create the perfect images in your mind.

9. Google AdWords

This tool helps you in advertising your business and rank your website high in Google’s search engine results’ pages (SERP). This tool will get more traffic to your website and you have to pay-per-click or pay-per-call. This tool also hosts the Google Keyword Planner, and this tool also lets you do the research and add those keywords that you want to include in your ad. Also, you can set the upper limit of your budget and precisely plan how much you can spend. Consequently, this tool will help you to collect more potential customers on your website.

10. Google Analytics

This is a gold standard tool for analysis of a website. At present, it is very difficult to work as a digital marketer. Day by day competition is going to the upper level and you have to become more expert to beat your competitors. This tool will let you know that your digital marketing strategies are implemented in the right way or not.

This tool can help you to know who is visiting your website, from which area, and on which pages of your website. This tool also lets you know how much time a particular person has spent over your website and on which page. If we talk about advanced level, then you can also set the goals and track the conversion rate. This tool also lets you know about user engagements.

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