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Games to Play Over Facetime


If you own an iPhone then you must have played on FaceTime, haven’t you? Well of course you have! There are some cool games that you can play on this amazing app. But if you are a new iPhone user with absolutely no clue about what FaceTime is, we are here to help you!

What is FaceTime?

To explain in simple terms, FaceTime is an iPhone sponsored video and audio calling app that functions using the Wifi connection or the mobile data instead of using the traditional phone lines. This application can be used in any Apple device. So, if you have an iPad, Mac, iPod or iPhone, make sure to download this application

But why is FaceTime so popular? There are tons of reasons for that. But the most popular is the games that you can play on this application.

Games To Play On Facetime:

As mentioned earlier, FaceTime is an iOS application that can be used to connect with people over long distances.

Even if you are halfway across the world, FaceTime can help you connect with your loved one in no time.

Be it for video calling or simple audio calls, with FaceTime, no distance can be a barrier for you!

But in addition to talking, playing games is yet another fun thing that you can do on this app. Here are a few games that you can consider.

Newlywed Games:

If you are a newlywed living far away from your spouse, here is a game for you. This game is super fun which allows players to answer questions about one another’s deepest secrets. So if you guess correctly, you are sure to win a jackpot!

Drinking Games:

The drinking game is another very popular and most romantic game introduced by FaceTime. This is one game you can play with your boyfriend or girlfriend where you can use your most loved potion diversion through the webcam or select new energizing beverages to keep the game fun and entertaining.

Word Game:

This is yet another very popular game on FaceTime where the players have to choose a long word. The other players have to form as many words as possible using the alphabets of the initial word. Players have to take turns to pick out the words but should not pick words one after the other. However, the word must only be a noun.

Online Puzzle:

This is the most interesting Puzzle that you can play while talking over FaceTime. You can make a perplex without any input from anyone, or you can choose to buy one from the market. Both of the players can baffle or plan out a perplex tracking time together. The one who can do it earlier wins the game.

Games To Play Over Skype:

Indeed there are quite a few fancy Games to play over Facetime, but you don’t have to be sad about that. Even if you don’t have FaceTime, you can have a blast over the various games on Skype!


For all the geeky nerds out there! Now you can have a blast over this favorite game of yours – Chess!!

This mind game can be really fun and you can challenge your friend to an amazing fight! Plus you can play any game you want to when you are connected to a group call on Skype.

Two Truth One Dare:

This is a simple game enjoyed by most boys and girls to reveal the truth. This can be the ideal game if you are trying to know more than you already do about your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Table Tennis:

Table tennis is another very interesting game that many people love to play on Skype. The user interface is also very straightforward making the gaming experience all the more amazing.

Battle Block Theatre

This game is very similar to our very own Skyrim. The catch of the game is the amazing playback music and the graphics. The players have to cross the fast-paced puzzle paths either by running or jumping. This is a must-try for players who have played similar games before.

What To Do On Facetime?

Confused about what things to do on facetime? There are tons that you can do in addition games to play over facetime on the app!

Since FaceTime is an app used to help one connect to people staying far away, it can be used to talk about your day and how did it go. The apps work great and help in bridging long distances.

However, often lengthy conversations can get boring. So to put in some fun elements, you can try the various games that are there on FaceTime.

There are story games that you can use to make the moments joyful as well! If you know the means there are a huge amount of possibilities that you can explore over FaceTime!

So, begin the game today and discover the meaning of fun in a whole new way!

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