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Food and Makeup that Clarify Skin

Food and makeup are two groups that, when used wisely, go hand in hand in improving your skin. However, more often than not, you’re making the wrong decisions when it comes to the food you eat. You go for convenient and tasty instead of healthy and nutritious–and your skin suffers along with your whole body.

It’s important to be mindful of the food you eat. Here are some examples of food that help your makeup routine clarify the skin:

Coconut Oil and Coconut Water

Coconut Oil and Coconut Water

Coconut is loaded with nutrients for your body. Its uses range from deep conditioning of the hair to deep moisturizing of the skin if it’s added to your routine. Coconut water also refreshes your body and nourishes from within. It’s conveniently available in easy-to-drink packs now, making it accessible to everyone. Next time you buy a moisturizer or face mask, look for coconut milk or extract to get the benefits of this refreshing ingredient.

Lemon, Oranges, and other Citrus FruitsLemon, oranges, and other citrus fruits

Vitamin C is important in clarifying and brightening the skin. It works perfectly in combination with antioxidants, making it a viable ingredient in makeup. When it comes to food, of course, the fresh sources are the most beneficial. A regular intake of orange slices can help brighten your skin and clarify imperfections. Depending on your skin type, it might even help prevent breakouts. Look for sources of vitamin C in your makeup remover, cleanser, exfoliant, or face toner. Online shopping will be much easier done if you know the products that work best for your skin, so make sure you’re getting the best options.


Many facial masks and moisturizing products include cucumber in their list of ingredients because they know how beneficial it is for the skin. Because of its high water content, it hydrates like no other. Fresh cucumber slices can also be added to your water for an infused beverage loaded with all the goodness of the fruit. You can also eat the slices on their own or with vinegar, pepper, and a little bit of salt. Those who have some time to lay down and relax can apply chilled cucumber slices under their eyes to remove eye bags.


You’ve probably seen this ingredient in your beauty products, primarily in exfoliating masks and creams. Apricot seeds are great exfoliants, but it’s not their roughness that make them so. In fact, beauty gurus recommend exfoliants with a very fine texture to prevent causing damage to your skin when exfoliating. When it comes to eating the fruit itself, of course, you don’t have to worry about getting it as fine as possible. Simply slice them in halves, chop, or toss in your salad along with some greens for even more nutrients.

Eating healthy need not be complicated. All you have to do is choose fresh and go with ingredients that benefit your body inside out. If you switch to a healthy diet and include fruits and vegetables in it, you’ll get better skin as a wonderful by product.

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