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Field Workforce Management Solutions: Tracking Your Workforce Is No More Tough Now

For many business operators, it is necessary to have a team of executives that can offer the products and services of the business at the doorstep of the client. Banks, broking service providers, online grocery shops, retailers, electronic appliance repair service providers and many more businesses can be categorized in this type of business. For these business owners, it is not that easy to keep a track of their teams and hence they need the support of the technology which is available in the form of field service management software. It is fabulous software that can help the team managers to manage the team effectively.

With the help of the field workforce management solutions it much possible to watch the smooth movement of the business and in case any team member needs any help, he can have the same on urgent basis also. The software is based on GPS with the help of which live tracking of an individual is possible. One needs to get the software installed in the smartphone of the user and once it is installed he can be tracked as per time and his geographical location. Hence to manage the team or make one reach on any spot is much possible. In case of any trouble while reaching the spot one can monitor the same sitting in his cabin also. this software can cover a wide area and hence it is possible to track the person even if he is a few kilometres away.

The best software:

Usually in such businesses, the executives need to reach the spot as asked by the client. In many cases, the executives don’t go at the spot and report their visit falsely which can lead to a clash between the client and the service provider. The tracking with the help of the software is easy to check. One can check the live movement of an individual as a graph as well as visual. The movement is based on real-time and hence getting an accurate location at a particular time is possible. To be sure about the situation one can call the concerned executive and validate it with his location to know if the same is reporting rightly or not.

In case one needs to have some spares or parts at the place of the client where he may have gone for repairing he can check with the main office if there is any other executive in nearby areas who may have such parts available so that the problem at the appliance can be easily resolved at the client’s place only and one does not need to spend time in coming to office and going back to the home of the client.

Task assignment:

For such users, it becomes easy to assign various tasks also as the geographical location can be easily spotted. Hence if one executive is present in one area, he can be provided with the service calls of other clients in the same area so that the maximum of his time can be used for service only.

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