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Everything to be clear about, before choosing health insurance policy

Health Insurance Policy

Are you considering a medical insurance policy for yourself or your family? One cannot forecast any unwarranted health situations, and hence one must go for the right kind of health insurance policy. While the awareness for health care insurance is on the rise, there are a lot of apprehensions that need to be addressed. When it comes to choosing the right insurance policy, several factors should be considered. They are:

  1. Health Care Insurance Coverage: It is essential to know about the coverage of your health insurance policy. Primary coverage includes accidents, maternity, ambulance, hospitalization, etc.
  2. List of medicos & hospitals: You might have your preferred doctor or hospital, and you need to check if your health insurance policy covers the same.
  3. Age: As age progresses, we become volatile to medical conditions, and hence it is vital to know about the best medical insurance policy which suits our requirements.
  4. Hassle-free: You might have the best policy, but if you must face a lot of hurdles during an emergency, it’s not a friendly policy. We all need a hassle-free solution that can help us sail through those unfortunate moments.
  5. Chronic conditions: Note that there are health care insurance providers who do not cover chronic health conditions like cancer and other ailments. However, there are separate health insurance policies for such conditions.
  6. Cashless vs. Claim: Many prefer cashless as they want to focus on recovery and don’t wish to worry about bills. Some also go for reimbursement in case of the insurance service provider has no partnership with the hospital.
  7. Reputation: There is nothing wrong with getting an opinion from multiple spheres about choosing your medical insurance policy. Asking friends and relatives, reading online reviews about the service providers, and then opting in is always preferable.
  8. Claim settlement ratio: A claim settlement ratio determines the success of an insurance provider. The more they have settled, the more they care about their customers.
  9. Co-pay option: There is something called a co-pay option, which enables the customer to pay a certain amount of money along with the insurer. You need to check if this particular option is disabled.
  10. Routine examinations: If you are someone who wishes to go for periodical health checkups, and if your insurance provider does not cover the benefit as mentioned earlier, it is not going to serve the purpose.
  11. Lower premiums: There are a plethora of options before you when choosing a policy, and you don’t want to get tied down with an expensive service provider. Go for something which is not hard on your pocket but also comes to rescue when there is a necessity.
  12. Special benefits: Dental, optical, and few of the benefits might not be included in most of the packages, and you must check before signing up for a service provider.
  13. Waiting period: The policies have a waiting period meaning that you need to wait for a certain amount of time for your policy to be activated.
  14. The advisor factor: You need an expert to help you with everything about the medical insurance and any questions that might arise while choosing your policy. Most of the times, the customer care representatives help you with all the right answers.

Thus, weighing in on the above-mentioned points before opting for health insurance, can prove to be the difference between getting the best medical care for you and your loved ones and the constant worry of securing the monetary means for the same. 

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