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Enjoying fresh food during a trip by Indian railways

The chances are high that when you undertake a trip by Indian railways it might take a couple of days to reach your destination. During this journey you might require refreshments from time to time that are fresh and plan to reach your destination with pomp. To rely on hawkers at platforms or even on the pantry cars seems to be a useless task. The reason being that the food which is dished out by Indian railways fails to qualify the basic standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Every now and there reports have emerged that travellers have fallen sick due to adulterated food. For this reason the food in Indian railways is avoided by all classes of people especially those who are health conscious. Indian railways have certainly made a great impact on people in India. People love to travel to different places by train. Perhaps, the best reason that individuals take train in India is variety they get to explore. There is so much that you can do once you are in trains.

Keeping away from bad food

In order to remain healthy and to keep away from diseases the norm is to avoid stale and unhygienic food. This would keep you away from diseases or illness. As per medical experts people are prone to diseases mainly because they consume the wrong type of food. This is not something that is to be viewed or even children have to be taught. The number of food borne diseases is on the rise with still no traces of medicine; a person who is travelling by train has to be cautious. They need to ensure that not only himself but anyone travelling with him does not succumb to poor quality of train food.

The task of ordering good food

Now relying on pantry services or railway station hawkers means you have to stay hungry? An answer to this question has to be a big No. There are reputed vendors that have established a tie up with Indian railways. The food that is dished out by them is of supreme quality and they are prepared from fresh items and quality ingredients available in the market. The official website of the Indian railways is rated to be a pioneer in this niche industry. When you order food from this website, you provide quality to your family members. Throughout the journey they are fit and even they go on to reach out to their destination without any form of hassles or issues in relation to food.

In fact the menu that is prepared by such sites is craftily prepared. The health quotient is retained along with nutritional aspect of the ingredients is taken care off. The manner by which a traveller can relax and have food is indeed a pleasure in itself. Gone are the days where there was a restriction in the menu served out by the Indian railways. Anyhow, you know In India there are plenty of exciting tunnels and you would love them if you get to know them The journey is comfortable, smooth and exciting at the same time.

Now to order food on these websites is an easy task. Just you need to type your train number of PNR number. Then clearly specify your entry or exit points on the route of journey. The food will be delivered on to your seats as you can go on to make the payment online or opt for cash on delivery option. Have a look at some of the train tunnels of India below that are absolutely exciting and wonderful. You would surely feel loved and appreciated once you go through these tunnels.


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