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E-Learning Content Development India – What Are The Steps To E-Learning Content Development?

E-Learning is the most cost-efficient ways of training and educating the staff in an organization. When it comes to ELearning Content Development India has seen a tremendous growth an expansion in the industry and a lot of organizations adopting this learning process. And not only India but the world has witnessed the effective implementation of the e-learning techniques in contributing to the growth in sales and business.

A well-trained staff leads to improved business. However, there are multiple challenges faced in training and organizing the staff.  Presence, execution, monitoring and even the study material can change the efficiency of the teaching methods. It can be time consuming to make sure that the right training methods are in practice, however, this intensive practice could save the organizations huge amounts of money in the long-term.

What are the steps to e-learning development process?

There are a number of steps that e Learning development process must undertake. Some of those crucial steps are as follows-

Investigation and analysis

This is the first step to e-learning development process.  During this phase, one has to critically analyze the learning content and the profiles of the people that are targeted and the goals of the learning. Proper investigation and attention must be paid, especially on the content so that the objectives of the learning could be achieved. A complete strategy must be then formulated to present the best learning content.

Create instructional design document

This piece of document is a high-quality graph of the complete instructional advance of the lessons. The most common tasks at this stage are problem solving, scenarios and challenges.  This stage includes breaking the content into different modules to create a unique learning design strategy.  All the visual and instructional elements must be covered in this phase.  E-learning Production Companies provide web designers for organizations who wish to hire professional experts to perform this designing task on their behalf.


A proper script must be formulated and each module and course must be finalized and divided.  The content must be screened for any faults or errors so that the content is flawless.

Prototype development

In this phase, the e-learning content and audio-visuals are finalized. The presentations such as colors, images, animation, and text are completed in this process.  Rechecking, reviewing an assessment is practiced for e-learning content management system.

Learning management system

The organization has to choose the best learning management system.  Strong quality reassurance is essential. Glitches, bugs and flawed systems can hinder or even prevent training. Technical issues can waste staff time and resources. By administrating the e Learning content through software to make certain its smooth running, one can promise that the employees will get proper training and results.  The mechanical and technical group is in charge of performing this task.

Since the organization managers are concerned in all the phases, the e-learning content development team should seek approval from them to continue to the next stage so that the learners get lessons that assists them to get excellence and easy-learning.

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