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E-Commerce 2020: Choosing The Right Software For Your Needs

E-Commerce 2020: Choosing The Right Software For Your Needs.

In this age of digitalization, e-commerce is on the rise and ever-evolving. It has reshaped into more customer-centric and data-driven. In 2020, things are not going to be much different as far as the continuous growth of the use of e-commerce is concerned. Now a day’s more and more businesses are showing their interest in online presence and making shopping easier for its customers.

Small business owners and new start-ups seem to be very confused when it comes to building their own websites integrating e-commerce software. On this note, the article is meant to help business owners in choosing the best software that meets their every need.

Ready to choose an e-commerce solution for your business?

If you are curious about different e-commerce solutions and cannot decide on a solution for your business then this article may be of help to you. Before purchasing a software make sure to figure out the following things:

Does our business need e-commerce software?

If you have a small business then you have many options when it comes to selling your products online. There are several ways to do that, one way is to market and sell your products through retail storefronts like Amazon, Ali express, eBay, etc. The other option is to create your own website with e-commerce software.

The following are some of the cases where having your own website would be the best choice.

  • You want your own platform. When you use online platforms like Amazon to sell your products, the store is on that company’s website and you are practically branding for it. If you want your own website where you have full authority over everything then its best to make your own e-commerce platform.
  • You want all the profit. Online retail places take a fixed amount of money on every sale from the company. It also includes credit card processing fees, monthly fees, etc. With your personal e-commerce software, you can keep all the profits and pay a small payment-processing fee.
  • You want simplified operations. One of the biggest upsides of having your own e-commerce software is that it can integrate all your other businesses on one platform. It makes operations smoother and efficient.
  • You want marketing. Besides sales, e-commerce software also includes marketing tools that can help with increasing your sales. It also enables you to use social media and sharing to let the customers know about your products.

If it all gets too technical and hard to handle, you may opt for a company providing ecommerce development solutions in Dubai, where professionals can help you with setting up your own online shopping website.

Ecommerce Software Features

E-commerce software provides a wide range of features to its users to help them with their online sales. The following are some of the things that an ecommerce software offers you for your online business.

  • An online storefront: The software provides a digital store where you can showcase your products and services. Good e-commerce software enables you to easily maneuver around the website and do multiple tasks such as changing the description of products, prices, etc.
  • Payment Processing: if you have a good e-commerce software you will not need the assistance of any third-party credit/debit card processors. It automatically provides you with in-built payment options such as PayPal.
  • A well-built website: A good software includes all essentials of an online business like web hosting, storage, e-commerce, domains, etc. It also provides additional services like built-in-blogs, web design, etc.
  • Mobile support: One of the major features of good e-commerce software is that it provides its customers with a mobile-friendly version of the online store. With this function customers can access the store anywhere from mobile phones to tablets, hence they can shop anywhere, anytime. This expands business opportunities.
  • Security: Protection of customer information like credit card numbers, shipping addresses, etc. is vital for any online business. Protect your customer’s information with end-to-end encryption.

How much does an e-commerce software cost?

As there are so many e-Commerce Softwares, hence costs vary a lot. For e-commerce software with all different features, you should be expecting to pay around $10 to $200 per month, depending upon the software developers.

There are multiple features that determine the cost e.g. features like storage, domain, credit card processing fees, and built-in-blogs. It all depends upon your business needs and depends upon the software provider.

Choosing the right e-commerce software

If you are thinking about buying an e-commerce software for your online business, make sure to ask the following questions:

  • Is it easy to set up and use?
  • Is it designed for large businesses or small businesses?
  • Can it be customized to fit my business needs?
  • Can it help me increase profits?
  • Does it require a lot of maintenance?
  • Is there a built-in credit card processor or do I have to work with a third party?
  • How is data stored? Is there a backup and can I access it?
  • How will it protect my customer’s information?
  • What is the total cost of your software?

Take Away!

Creating your online storefront is a huge deal. It takes a lot of time and information. There are, however, e-commerce development companies such as SpiralClick providing ecommerce solutions to small and large businesses in creating an online identity. These professionals can guide you through all the stages and help you with social media marketing.

Before going to the seller make sure you have enough information regarding the e-commerce software industry so you can make comparisons and choose the best software to boost your online business.

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