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Do It Yourself 101: How To Save Your Leftover Oils From Your Cartridges?

How To Save Your Leftover Oils From Your Cartridges

If you’re planning to save your leftover oils from your depleted, broken or old cartridge, then you’ve come to the right place. The little DIY project is all about lowering the amount of wastage and the ingredients needed for the same can easily be found across your home.

The procedure is indeed easy and fast when it comes to the intuitiveness. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into this comprehensive article guide so that you can use your GHOST MV1 bought from Vaporizer Hut to its full potential.

The Things That You Need

The following are some of the materials that you need to get hold of before you start the procedure:

· A baggie with a ziplock

· A plastic bowl

· A microwave oven (any capacity)

· A thin sheet of foil

· Empty medium or cartridge into where the oils would be transferred

The Method

First and foremost, you need to grab hold of the cartridge from where you need to extract your oils and then put it inside your ziplock bag. This item should be put aside for now and will be required at a later stage.

After that, you need to take your plastic bowl and then fill it to its brim with water. Then put the bowl inside your microwave oven and set the timer for at least two or three minutes. Once the time will be up, it’ll be the time to take the bowl out of the microwave and thereby place that ziplocked-filled cartridge into that warm bowl of water.

It should be ensured that the bag is airtight so that there is no such leakage and water doesn’t enter the bag or the cartridge. What this will do is that the water will heat the oil inside the cartridge, making it convert to room temperature and thereby making it easier to transfer as well. The cartridge should be left inside of the bowl for at least two minutes.

Your next job would be to take your thin foil and place it on your surface, which will act as the platform for this DIY project – thereby protecting you from any oil spills. Once you have your foil in place, it’s time to transport your oil from the cartridge.

First, take the empty cartridge, remove the mouthpiece and then pour the oil from the heated cartridge into this. You can take the help of a napkin or towel if you find your heated cartridge too hot to even hold properly. Ensure that the oil doesn’t drip when transporting from one cartridge to another, otherwise it’ll turn out to be a wastage. And voila, you’ve completed the procedure all by yourself.

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