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Distinguishing features between Data Science and Data Analytics

Data Science and data analytics are considered different sides of the same coin, and are often used interchangeably because their functions are highly interconnected. The major difference lying beneath their individual scope. Read this article to better comprehend the difference between these two integral elements of business elements, and in turn better optimize your business data.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary field, which is primarily focused on finding actionable insights from huge sets of raw and structured (or unstructured) data. It primarily fixates on unearthing answers to the things that hidden by employing techniques to obtain answers, incorporating computer science. With the use of statistics and machine learning it can parse through massive datasets in an effort to establish innovative solutions. Experts engaged in this field spend all their time trying to accomplish their goal by predicting potential trends, figuring out disparate and disconnected data sources, and exploring better ways to analyze information.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics refers to the processing and performing statistical analysis on available datasets. Professionals working in this field focus on creating methods to gather, process, and organize data to develop actionable insights for ragging digital issues, and establish appropriate way to present such data.

This particular field is basically directed toward solving problems for questions we are yet to know the answers for, facilitating the production of results that can lead to immediate improvements. The process of data analytics encompasses different types of broader statistics and analysis that help combine diverse sources of data and determine connections, simultaneously simplifying the results.

Data Science and Data Analytics

Data science is an umbrella term for a diverse range of fields that are employed to mine large datasets. While, data analytics is a software version deeply focused that can be considered part of the larger process and is devoted to realizing actionable insights applicable immediately, based on existing queries.

Data science is not concerned with clarifying specific queries, as it passes through massive datasets in mostly unstructured ways to expose relevant insights. Data analysis, on the other hand, works better when its software execution is focused, retaining questions that need answers based on existing data.

In brief, data science produces in-depth insights for questions that are in demand, whereas big data analytics emphasizes on discovering answers to all questions being asked.

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