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Different Types Of Car Security Systems

Cars nowadays come with the most advanced car security systems but back in olden days, you have to install one for your car because it didn’t come pre-installed in the cars.

In today’s world, car thefts are for real and the thieves are more experienced than ever. So, you need to invest in modern and reliable ways to protect your long ride buddy. If you are looking for budget-friendly options then you should get remote starters in WoodbridgeRemote starters do not only provide security but have a number of advantages to it. For instance, you can turn on your ignition or ac from a particular distance or lock or unlock your car by just pressing a button.

Talking about security systems, have a look at these different types of security systems that you can get installed in your car.


One of the most basic yet effective car security systems is the alarm. As you already know that thieves prefer to make their move in silence avoiding as much attention as possible. So, if a loud sounding alarm installed in your car, thieves are more likely to avoid making an attempt, especially in a crowded place. It is true that an alarm system acts as a deterrent but its function can be overlooked. The alarm system in your car can also get you a discount on your insurance.

Tire Deflator:

Tire deflator is basically a device that you need to attach to the tires while parking and needs to be removed before you start to drive. So, in cases when a thief steals your car, he cannot go far after stealing it as the tire starts to deflate. Although the tires may get damaged, there are chances that you can get your car recovered from nearby areas. Carry these devices around if you don’t use it much. While if you have the habit of using it then don’t forget to check and remove it before every drive to avoid damages.

Steering Wheel Locks:

Another tried and tested car security device is the steering wheel locks. As the name suggests, these steering wheel locks the steering so the car cannot be driven. While experienced thieves can break in and start your car but if they cannot operate the steering then it is of no use. The steering wheel lock is a visible device that is tied to the steering wheel. The mere presence and visibility of it discourage a thief’s wrong intentions. Although, some pro thieves can defeat even a steering wheel lock but would take a lot of time which they usually don’t have. The basic idea behind all these deterrents is to stretch the time and warn off the thieves.

Kill Switches:

Kill switch is another car security system. Even after a thief surpasses steering wheel lock and breaks into your car and tries to drive off then don’t worry! Immobilizing devices installed in your car are meant for such situations. Kill switch is one such device that avoids the thief from starting the vehicle in the first place. These switches are wired into the ignition circuit and deprive electricity to the battery or ignition switch. Turning the switch can start the engine, so you have to hide it really well. However, if your car didn’t come with a kill switch then you can install it by yourself.

Tracking System:

Even after taking all the preventive measures, your car gets stolen then there is another chance of recovering your car with an installed GPS device. These tracking devices help you track your car.

Apart from all these, you can also get your car’s window tinted for added security from Quality Tire which offers auto window tinting in Woodbridge. These tints provide privacy and security to your car and also protects it from the harmful rays of the sun.

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