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Different types of 10-12 step ladder and the features to consider while buying them?

Industrial Step ladders

Ladders are required in the day-to-day job in certain industries and they are extremely important industrial equipment. They come on various shapes and sizes because they are bought by each and all the industries for various uses depending on the height they will be doing work and the other demands.

Types of ladders for different types of industries

There are different types of ladders based on the requirement and demands of the industries. These are in line with the safety and the risks the employees would get exposed to during the everyday work in the industry or at the office. The 10 step ladder and the 12 step ladder will be ideal for uses in different factories and industries.

Where are the ladders mostly seen?

Ladders are important equipment in all types of industries. But the 10 step and 12 step ladders are required in the everyday work in the logistics companies, warehouse companies, construction companies, electrical gadget installation and repairing companies and glass pane washing companies.

Based on the type of the composition material used to make the ladders they can be divided into two types.

Aluminum ladders

Aluminum ladders are best because they are highly cheap. They also require very less maintenance activity and will last for a long period. They are the best option for external uses as they do not rust in extreme weather conditions like extreme heat, snow, rainfall, and humidity.

But one of the major disadvantages of this type of ladder is that it is not good for factories and industries where there is a risk of fire and electrical short circuits. Aluminum being a metal is a good conductor of heat and electricity and so it might put the person at high risk who is working at the top in fire hazard area.

Fiberglass ladders

The fiberglass ladders are a costlier than the aluminum ladders. But they are highly resistant to fire and electricity and so the disadvantage of the aluminum ladders is cut by the fiberglass ladders. Fiberglass is a non-conductor of both heat and electricity and thus it might help protect a worker on top of the ladder from a fire or an electric shock.

But fiberglass ladders are a bit heavier than the aluminum ladders which are the most lightweight. So carrying a 10 step ladder or a 12 step ladder manually might not be possible everywhere.

Depending on the space and the retractability of the ladders they can also be classified into two major types-

Collapsible ladders

The ladders can be collapsed one the work has been done. Collapsible ladders might not be available for larger heights such as the 10 step ladder or the 12 step ladder. In these ladders, the two legs of the ladders hold the weight on top of the ladder equally. They require much less space.

Non-collapsible ladders

These are the ladders that cannot be collapsed meaning that their feet can be adjusted by reducing or increasing the width and the gap of the two legs but they are not collapsible. They require extra space for storage. Larger ladders like the 10 step ladder or the 12 step ladder are generally non-collapsible but they are adjustable.

Ladders with wheels

Sometimes industries that require ladders extensively might want ladders with wheels attached to them especially for the longer ladders so that they can be moved easily. The 10 step ladder and the 12 step ladder are the smallest ladders available in the market with wheels attached to them.

Other features to consider

Extra space at the top required or not?

Sometimes the construction ladders and the windowpane washing ladders have extra space at the top which might be used in storing the equipments or the devices which are essential for work. This ensures that the person working at the top does not have to come move up and down the ladder for the important equipments.

Not to mention the height of the ladder

The height of the ladder is one of the basic decisions to consider while buying them. A 10 step ladder or a 12 step ladder will give a maximum reach of around 22-25 feet. Consider what is the maximum height at which you will have to work.

Maintaining safety while working on top of the ladder

Always ensure that you are wearing protective gear like helmet, knee pad, and elbow pad while working on longer ladders. Maintain at least 3 points of contact with the ladder while working.

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