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Detect Oral Cancer at Early Stages And Get The Best Oral Cancer Treatment

What is oral cancer?

A group of cancerous cell or a tumour grows inside the mouth, and it destroys the other healthy tissues nearby it is known as oral cancer. Though it originates in the verbal area often gets spread to other parts of the body and generally to the lymph nodes in the neck region. 

It is to be noted that all lumps inside the mouth are cancer. Warts, fibromas are a common type of damages that results in excessive growth of cells which are dangerous but not cancerous yet. Mostly, oral cancer starts in squamous epithelium. With the advancement of medical science, tongue cancer treatment across the globe provides quick remedies and high success rates, if detected at an early stage and treated well. 

What are the symptoms of oral cancer?

One of the prime things of detecting oral cancer at the earliest is knowing the symptoms and checking at regular intervals for it if any. The common symptoms are –

  1. Teeth are getting loose, bleeding and swelling in the mouth. 
  2. A growing lump on the lip, mouth, tongue or the inner lining of the cheek getting thick. 
  3. Slurping speech and salivary glands are swollen.
  4. Tremendous weight loss
  5. Change in voice and a feeling of pain while swallowing or chewing food. 
  6. Red or white patches are occurring on the lip area or inside the mouth. 
  7. Zero sensation and numbness in the lips and the tongue. 
  8. Swollen cervical lymph nodes. 

What are the treatments for oral cancer?

Indian Cancer Research Centre offers the best doctors when it comes to tongue cancer treatment. While the diagnosis of your disease depends on the stage or type of cancer you are having, the main ways of treating it remain the same more or less. 

There are a few things to be considered before starting the treatment-

  1. The size of the cancerous lump and in which stage it is.
  2. The place where cancer has grown
  3. Your medical history and health have to be checked to find out whether you can survive the chemotherapy or the radiation rays. 

The ways to cure oral cancer are-

1) Surgery- Your doctor will advise you to undergo a surgery where he will remove the dangerous cancerous cells and lumps from the place it has occurred. It is the commonly recommended treatment to make the patient get back on his/her feet. There are a few types of surgery – Glossectomy where the entire tongue or a portion of it is removed, Maxillectomy or Mandibulectomy is done to remove the upper jawbone and lower jawbone respectively. Consult the doctors of Indian Cancer Reseach Centre to understand what will be the best for you. 

2) Radiation therapy- High-energy rays are emitted to destroy the cells of cancer. It is also given after the surgery to kill any of the cancerous cell remaining back. 

3) Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy- Chemotherapy is rays used to treat cancer. Immunotherapy is drugs given to a patient in case the cancer returns and no therapy works.

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