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Customer Frustrations to Avoid while Call Centre Outsourcing

Taking care of BPO functions is not as easy as it seems. The activities are hectic and demand on-time presence for excellent results. When agents in a call centre are not available on time, it can cause call abandonment and cold hold issues, leading to increased customer frustration.

Call centre outsourcing is, therefore, necessary to help the business outsource the non-core operations so that the business has time to look after customer needs and to avoid customer frustration. With technological advancements taking over, companies now look forward to eliminating the old measures to perform the call centre practices.

With alternatives available everywhere, businesses need to avoid old measures to take modern steps to boost customer satisfaction. When a business outsources its customer support, it has the aim to avoid any possibility of customer frustration. Outsourcing the business functions, the business brings enhanced support, which can boost customer experience. Moreover, with the help of adequate technological tools and by following some tips to avoid customer frustration, businesses can boost success easily.

Here we pen down some common customer frustration issues that businesses need to avoid sustaining enhanced customer satisfaction:

Avoid long hold times

Customer frustration increases when they are asked to wait in long queues. It is essential to make use of a process where customer calls are answered instantly without the threat of call abandonment and call old issues that frustrates the customer.

Call centre firms needs to remember that customer satisfaction is supreme and any risk to satisfaction can be dangerous to the business brand image.

When the agent puts a customer on hold, the business has the possibility of losing the most valuable commodity-time. Thus, it is necessary to keep a check on customer calls with the help of latest technologies to avoid customer frustration possibility.

Lack of information with the agent

When a business has a less experienced agent to handle customer calls, there is a possibility that the business may lose its customers’ satisfaction. You must be thinking why!

Well, this is because when an agent is not adequately experienced, she/he may not deliver the same response to the customer as a skilled agent. This is the reason it is recommended to outsource the customer service to an experienced partner or hire an expert in-house.

Customers want a skilled agent to answer their calls and when they are not satisfied with the answering agent, it turns into frustration.

Avoid call transfers

When a customer feels that the service provider is transferring the call to another agent for long due to lack of an adequate response, it turns into a frustrating scenario.

Customers want straight and easy answers and when they feel their calls are been transferred repeatedly, they may leave the business service after getting pissed off.

To avoid the same, the call centre outsourcing firm needs to employee skilled agents with adequate knowledge about the business offerings.

When the agents have a good idea of the business offerings, it is easy to deliver an adequate response to the customers’ who have any service-related dispute.

Avoid rude customer support

The call centre firm needs to hire employees who have a calm attitude. When a business has employees who are too anxious and are unable to tackle multiple calls at a time, they feel frustrated easily, and eventually, they end up making rude comments before the customers.

Agents cannot talk rudely to the customers, which is why it is essential to keep an eye on the call recordings, call hold times, call abandonment, etc. Keeping a check on these, the business has assurance over effective response to the customers and there is no possibility of the customers becoming frustrated.

No false promises

The business agent needs to keep a check on the promises made. It frustrates the customers when they do not get an adequate response as promised.

The call centre company needs to take notice of the promises so that the agent gets back to the customer on time to sustain reliability on the business.

Monitoring the business functions is, therefore, necessary to maintain boosted satisfaction.

Avoid redirecting the customers to the website

When the agent redirects the customer to the business website every time for further support, it can be frustrating as the customer is unable to receive an adequate response.

It is important to know that the customers’ visit the website before to take service, however, when they do not receive any appropriate answer, they call the business agent thereafter. Therefore, redirecting the customer again to the website is not good.

To avoid any such situation, call centre outsourcing firms need to train their agents accordingly for boosted results.

Thanks for reading!

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