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Create beautiful greeting cards using stamps in three simple steps

Did you ever feel like making a greeting card for a ceremony, but had no idea how to get started? Well, one of the best ways to create beautiful greeting cards is through stamps. You can purchase your favorite set of stamps from Altenew’s collection of floral, iconic, natural, animal, and many other patterns made from photopolymer. You will need two types of stamps to get started – floral stamps, or other similar themed stamps, and alphabet stamps.

Once you have your favorite designs ready, you can follow the simple three-step process to build a perfect greeting card for any occasion. 

Step #1 – Understand the occasion, define the card size – The first step is to understand what the event is and what type of stamps you will be choosing. You will have to select a mix of different designs and alphabet stamps so that consistency is maintained. At the same time, you will have to decide on the size of your greeting card. Will it go with a gift or just as is? Choosing the right kind of paper, so that the ink colors won’t leave stains, is essential as well.

Step #2 – Start Stamping – Once you are ready with the material, and sure about the card dimensions, you can start working with the stamps. Make sure you don’t make stamping too monotonous. Be a little creative. Leave space for your personalized message. You can always use your purchased stamp collection around your sentiment.

Step #3 – Add Final Touches – Now, you will have to add final touches to your handmade greeting card. You can use colorful markers to draw around your stamps and add shadows. You can also add different types of artistic designs and patterns using dark-colored pens. These final touches may not be an essential part of your stamped greeting card, but offer pleasing aesthetic to it.

If you follow these three steps precisely, you will be able to design greeting cards in no time. Moreover, you will be able to create a different type of greeting card for various occasions with the same stamps. When you feel like you have had enough of your stamp collection, you can always go online and purchase a fresh selection.

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